Lore Spotlight: The Troll Dragon in Dragonflight

Lore Spotlight: The Troll Dragon in Dragonflight

Dragon Family

Senegos, Stellagosa, and Emmigosa are three blue dragons that players first met during the Story of Azsuna: Defending Azurewing Repose in Legion. At the time, Senegos seemed like he was on his deathbed, but players helped restore the ancient dragon to full health.
The Story of Azsuna
In the Azure Span, we see Senagos’s visage form for the first time. While his granddaughter Stellagosa’s visage form is that of a blood elf female – quite a common choice for dragons – Senegos’s visage form is of a blue-skinned troll.

While this is an unusual form for a dragon to adopt, it makes a lot of sense. Senegos is the oldest known non-Aspect alive, and therefore very likely chose his form when Trolls still dominated Azeroth – long before Elves even evolved!

Senegos’s visage form isn’t the only fun little surprise. One of the rewards for helping the Blue Dragonflight in Aszuna is the Blue Dragon Whelp battle pet, Emmigosa, Senegos’s “great-great-great-great-great granddaughter”. In the Azure Span, Emmigosa is clearly older – though not yet fully grown.

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