Lost Dredger “Treasure Goblins” Now Spawning in Torghast

Lost Dredger

Beasts of Prodigum Torghast Event

Lost Dredgers – Bonus Phantasma and Anima Power

Lost Dredger now appear to be spawning inside of Torghast, and are Torghast’s versions of “Treasure Goblins” from Diablo! These are rare, but if you manage to find one you’ll get some sweet bonuses!

Picture by Jaydaa

These Lost Dredger start off as neutral, and you don’t want to kill them right away. Instead, you want to hit him with an ability which will force him to run towards the exit for the floor. Once he stops, you’ll hit him again and trying to avoid killing him until he drops all his loot. While he’s running, he’ll periodically drop Phantasma and eventually an Anima Cell, at which point, you can safely kill him.

Portal to Secret Area

But that’s not all, as some players have spawned a portal to a Secret Area when using a Ravenous Anima Cell on the Lost Dredger! Note that the chance of this portal spawning is not 100% and seems to award Pouch of Phantasma more often. This portal appears to have been reported first by capstoneCrusher on Reddit.

If you do manage to spawn a Portal, heading inside will lead you to a secret room with lots of pots to break and many Anima Powers! Reddit user nanmetal has posted some pictures of the secret room.

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