Mage Tower Timewalking Gearing Guide – Best Gear, Enchants, Gems, Consumables

Mage Tower Timewalking Gearing Guide - Best Gear, Enchants, Gems, Consumables

To cover such a major detailed topic, we split into two parts: one gearing guide and one guide on enhancements and consumables.

For the gearing guide, we cover the best gear you can obtain for your character for the Mage Tower Timewalking Challenge. Not only that, but we also provide alternative ways of gearing, based on how much time investment you want to put into your preparation, highlighting the benefits and relative power of each approach. Our suggestions also include one budget approach, which allows players to increase their character’s power considerably for the challenge, while not spending hours farming old content.

In the guide, you’ll learn about the hierarchy of gear for the Mage Tower Challenge, including tips on how to obtain each different set of gear.

Mage Tower Gearing Hierarchy

  1. Chromie Time Gear Set
  2. Crafted PvP Gear
  3. Socketed Legion Gear
  4. Siege of Orgrimmar Gear
  5. Shadowlands Gear

Mage Tower Timewalking Gearing Guide

For the enhancements guide, we cover everything else your character can use to improve your chances of beating the Mage Tower Timewalking Challenge. Best enchants, gems, food, potions, scrolls, and many more topics. While gear plays a major part in increasing your character’s power in Timewalking content, having the right enchants, gems, and consumables in general can provide benefits equivalent to having another 4 or more entire pieces of gear equipped.

In this guide, you’ll learn about all consumables and enhancements you can add to your gear, including, for instance, the best Intellect gems:

Mage Tower Timewalking Enchants, Gems, and Consumables Guide

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