Mage Tower with Trial Characters – Player Completes Every Challenge with Trial Characters

Mage Tower with Trial Characters - Player Completes Every Challenge with Trial Characters

These video guides focus on some of the easiest specs for each challenge:

  • Vengeance Demon Hunter for the Tank Challenge
  • Windwalker Monk for the Feltotem’s Fall Challenge
  • Holy Paladin for the Healing Challenge
  • Enhancement Shaman for the Sigryn Challenge
  • Frost Mage for the Magespear Twins Challenge
  • Frost Death Knight for the Archmage Xylem Challenge
  • Unholy Death Knight for the Agatha Challenge

Below you can read his reasoning behind the spec choices and general analysis of doing the seven challenges on Class Trials.

Hi guys, Bicepspump here. I posted some time back about completing both the DK DPS specs mage towers on trial characters. Earlier this week I managed to do the same for every mage tower, earning the mount! I thought it was a fun personal challenge and I’m very happy I finally completed it! Also, I don’t have any alts so this was arguably the easiest way for me to get the mount…

Overall, I found it by far the most difficult to do the Healer and Tank challenges, even if Enhancement did pose a challenge for me personally. Both the DK DPS specs were relatively easy for me since I’m much more experienced with them, I do believe the Frost DK challenge was objectively the most difficult overall. I picked the specs simply based on others recommendations that had done the challenges already.

I used the default gear you received with the exception of dual-wield classes where I did pick up the MoP heirloom weapons. Other than that, it was lots of BFA consumables and Shadowlands enchants.

I waited to post here until I completed a video guide for each challenge, please find them at the bottom for future reference once the mage tower opens up again. You can also watch them to see how I completed the challenges but I do warn anyone knowledgable about the specs since I only had 2-5 hours experience playing them in the end.

Videos Guides

Tank Challenge on Trial Character – Vengeance Demon Hunter

Feltotem’s Fall on Trial Character – Windwalker Monk

Healing Challenge on Trial Character – Holy Paladin

Sigryn on Trial Character – Enhancement Shaman

Magespear Twins on Trial Character – Frost Mage

Archmage Xylem on Trial Character – Frost Death Knight

Agatha on Trial Character – Unholy Death Knight

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