Making 1 MILLION Gold Farming MOUNTS ONLY | Shadowlands Goldmaking


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  1. Im jealous of your prices on your server, jeez! I have at least one of all those in the AH always as well. except Goldenmane, i never get him , cept one for myself lol. But my prices on my full server are around half of what I see you selling for. Too many undercutters…..yuck LOVE mount selling!!!! I also ALWAYS watch ah for cheap mount flips. easier than farming them and people always sell them too cheap., Snag it up and be patient, always worth the wait 😀

    edit, i have your 10mil guide and id totally get the BC guide but i dont play classic at all. DAMN i wish i had that guide the first time thru Wow in the day though. I was such a broke guy…

  2. I made my first 1 million making Sky Golems. I had two alts that could make the Jard's Peculiar Energy Source and make the mount. One alt that mined for ghost iron. The living steel I just bought off the auction house for 800 to 1 k gold each. Of course it takes 30 days to make each one but some folks have more alts making them. These do not sell for nearly as much as they once did either. Used to get 140k now lucky to get 45 k. But you still make anywhere from 5 to 10 k each time you sell one. Plenty of guilds on how to find the pattern.

  3. Can you pls share after how many tries you get the mounts ? i am at 8k on golden horse and still no mount

  4. dude where you get the pack mule from. ever since they first nerfed that spot at the crows watch/tower place i aint seen another good hyper spawn for that mount =

  5. I would 100% fail at this challenge 🤣 I’m such a mount collector. I’d keep them all for myself, haha.


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