Massive Profit With Old Content Farms In WoW BFA 8.1.5


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  1. I'm expecting this to murder my profits but Dala I have a possible farm I'd like to ask you to check out. I've looked around a lot and haven't seen it recently. Check out STV

  2. Might want to either Race Change or Level up a Zandalari Troll. The 2% bonus gold racial may not seem like a lot, but when you are talking hundreds of thousands of gold, it's gotta add up.

  3. get 100 transmog from ur blacksmith 100 from ur tailor or leather worker. 2 200 stack of current herbs and ore. 6 200 stacks of old ore( saronite ,obsidium, fel whatever) 4 200 stacks of volatles 4 200 stacks of primals and run 3- 5 old school dungeons for transmog and ur in buisiness. It just takes time thats all.

  4. Is it possible to do these things while at lvl 60? I am fairly new to the game (as in ive only played for a week now) and gold is a big issue for me. The random drops and quests dont give enough gold for much.

  5. With the new patch out Im gonna lvl a zandalari druid as a farming character and I wanna use the legion leatherworking speedboots. Which lvl would you say is the best? Considering I might wanna farm current content gatheringmats aswell as old dungeon stuff.


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