Midsummer Fire Festival – XP Buff, Battle Pets, Frost Lord Ahune, and More

Midsummer Fire Festival - XP Buff, Battle Pets, Frost Lord Ahune, and More

Festival highlights:

  • Bonfires: Last year bonfires and the associated achievements were added to Kul Tiras and Zandalar, but there are no bonfires in the Shadowlands for this year. That said, bonfires are always worth a visit if you are in need of experience, gold, Burning Blossoms, or achievements.
  • Leveling buff: For those who are leveling, find a ribbon pole in a major city and spend a few minutes spinning around it to get the Ribbon Dance buff which grants extra experience for killing monsters.
  • Toys, pets, and transmog: The Midsummer Fire Festival currency is Burning Blossoms. These can be earned from completing Festival quests, lighting or extinguishing bonfires, and defeating Frost Lord Ahune. Burning Blossoms can be exchanged at the Festival vendor for a variety of items including toys such as Brazier of Dancing Flames, pets such as Blazing Cindercrawler, and cosmetic holiday transmog items.
  • Frost Lord Ahune: Ahune is the Midsummer Fire Festival dungeon boss. Queue through the dungeon finder to reach and defeat him for a chance at a cloak and a satchel of items which includes Burning Blossoms and a chance at a few other items, notably:

    Illusion: Deathfrost

  • Frostscythe of Lord Ahune
  • Ice Chip

Ahune drops 158 ilevel gear if you are level 60, scaled down for lower levels.

For all the details about the Midsummer Fire Festival, including associated quests and achievements, toys and pets, and a list of the location of each and every bonfire, check out our guide:

Midsummer Fire Festival

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