Mists of Tirna Scithe Trash Skip Through the Wall – Mythic+ Skip of the Week

Mists of Tirna Scithe Trash Skip Through the Wall - Mythic+ Skip of the Week

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Hi, my name is Tarisant. I am an avid Mythic+ player, and am a raider in one of the top NA guilds, poptart corndoG of Tichondrius. You can find me on Youtube, or on my Twitch, where I will often be streaming my keys or raid.

The Pack We’re Skipping

If you’re not familiar with the pack I’m talking about skipping, let’s take a look at where it is. This is the pack that people typically use Imprison or Sap to bypass that comes after the Tirnenn Villager pack.

How to Perform the Skip

After clearing out the first room of Mists, we’ll have all the area we need to get past this pack. Keep in mind, this skip is only used so that your Prideful timings can stay normal without having to commit things such as Invisibility Potion or dying. The place we want to stand is up against the wall on the right side where it meets the fallen tree, as pictured below.

Once you’re in the spot, you’ll want to angle your camera as shown in the picture below:

The purple marker on the floor in the screenshot is where we’re aiming with all our abilities. The wall you’re standing next to is completely hollow. This skip uses targeted movement abilities. Keep in mind that if your class has some form of Stealth, or your group has a Demon Hunter that can use Imprison, using this will not be necessary. This is simply for the groups comprised of your underappreciated classes and specs that need a way to get through safely.

The Abilities for the Skip

Here’s a brief list of the spells and abilities that will let you through this skip. If it seems like I forgot to mention something, and you think your class may be able to do it, don’t hesitate to try!

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