Mobs that Drop Expensive Loot – Classic Vanilla WoW Guide – Rags to Riches #04


World of Warcraft Vanilla Classic Gold farm Guide, the famous mobs with expensive loot table
0:00 Intro
0:56 Darrowmere forest aka Eastern plaguelands
4:06 Actual Gold Grind Guide
5:03 The Mobs
7:09 First Vendor
8:19 How much gold was made
8:39 Second vendor
9:59 Extra Tips and Tricks/Professions
12:25 Outro

Hello everyone, Frost here. Welcome back to a new classic wow video, this is the fourth episode from the Rags to Riches series, Mobs that Drop Expensive Loot. Previously we talked about how to get gold quickly if passed level 40 and you still don’t find yourself in the position of owning a mount, the video received very good feedback and I thought you guys really enjoy this type of format where we cover grinding spots in detail. Today we’re going to do something similar but instead of touching the low level zones we’re going to explore an end-game spot, one of my favorite vanilla places to acquire gold from. We’re going to see how much gold can be made/hour and what professions are great to have in order to become more efficient. If by any chance this video ends up being to long for your taste please check the timestamps in the description.

The reason we’re venturing into this dangerous place is for the plague bats, mobs with one of the best loot table in game, at least in terms of the grey items. They Consistently drop four of them:
– Bat Ear – Stacks in 10, goes to vendor for 83 Silver.
– Sleek Bat Pelt – Stacks in 10, goes to vendor for 1 gold 21 silver.
-Large Bat Fang – Stacks in 10, goes to vendor for 1 Gold 59 silver.
– Evil Bat Eye – Stacks in 10, goes to vendor for 2 Gold 8 copper.
-They also drop Wicked Claw’s, a crafting material but assuming the market is down, stacks in five and goes to vendor for 25 silver.
This spot will always be consistent in terms of gold gain because most things you get from the mobs are not tied to changing nature of the economy.

The bats have good drop chances on Traveler’s backpacks, Thorium and Mithril lockboxes, also they drop lots of greens where some of them can have significant value. For example I got a lvl 54 offhand of frozen wrath with 20 frost power, early game this can sell pretty well, now sure exactly at what price but I’m assuming 100 gold +. Nevertheless, I will not include this in the final gold/hour as this is heavy RNG. Speaking of heavy RNG not only that you get high level green items but you also have a chance to obtain rare iconic items such as:
-Orb of Deception, Maiden’s Circle, Stonegrip Gauntlets,The Shadowfoot Stabber an so on.
Not only this, but these mobs can drop the second wave of epic, rare and expensive items such as:
-Stockade Shoulders, Skullflame Shield, Krol Blade, Myrmidon’s signet, Axe of deep woods and so on. Don’t get your hopes high on this, the point is that this grind is a bit tedious and annoying, knowing that there’s a small chance to obtain one of these items will help you stay motivated and grind more gold.

Thanks for watching, this video! Hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Having a hard time finding out basics of what Blizzard's idea of classic is without resubbing.
    Bags for loot space, talents, rebalance fixes, profs, cooldowns, etc.
    Been watching a lot of different creators/videos but not much other than gold and gear.
    Been a player since a few weeks before BC release.

  2. i like farming for big-mouth clams in azshara have a chance to drop golden pearls and on my server they are going for around 40-60 gold i have had very good luck and had 4 drop in an hour drop chance is low but the Spitelash Myrmidon has a chance to drop some nice epics

  3. I just made it to 1015g and about to buy my epic mount. Got most of my gold from selling every green i got, lucky on some epics 100g-200g, and herbs/alch. Gonna definitely farm these bats. Gonna suck for me though cause im the OT of my guild and ima have to kill them in prot spec 🙁

  4. Do you have any tips for farming blackblade of sharam? That weirdly is my main goal for a weapon on my warrior and my plan is to tank my own groups and reserve it but that's all I know to do. I've watched this video like 3 times… I love blackblade ._.

  5. Bullshit you make 50g an hour from bats. I've tried this multiple times and I have never passed more than 10 gold an hour, and I'm killing them consistently with no competition. Waste of my damn time….


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