More Mythic Difficulty Castle Nathria Guides by BDGG

More Mythic Difficulty Castle Nathria Guides by BDGG

Mythic Artificer Xy’mox GuideMythic Sun King’s Salvation GuideMythic Lady Inerva Darkvein Guide

These guides will be maintained in addition to our regular raid encounter guides, but specifically cater to Mythic difficulty, while the others focus on Normal and Heroic. Inside, you’ll find an overview of the Mythic specific mechanics, detailed strategies, positioning recommendations, loot information, and role based tips such as cooldown timings. Here’s an example below of what you’ll find in the guides:

And if you need spec-specific tips for each boss, including soulbind and legendary recommendations for each covenant, check out our class raid tips:

Blood DKFrost DKUnholy DK

Havoc DHVengeance DH

Guardian DruidFeral DruidBalance DruidRestoration Druid

Beast Mastery HunterMarksmanship HunterSurvival Hunter

Arcane MageFire MageFrost Mage

Brewmaster MonkMistweaver MonkWindwalker Monk

Holy PaladinProtection PaladinRetribution Paladin

Discipline PriestHoly PriestShadow Priest

Assassination RogueOutlaw RogueSubtlety Rogue

Elemental ShamanEnhancement ShamanRestoration Shaman

Affliction WarlockDemonology WarlockDestruction Warlock

Arms WarriorFury WarriorProtection Warrior

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