More Warp Blade Fist Weapon Transmogs Available from Zereth Mortis Rares in Patch 9.2

More Warp Blade Fist Weapon Transmogs Available from Zereth Mortis Rares in Patch 9.2

With Patch 9.1, only one of the 4 datamined colors were added to the game, but on the 9.2 PTR, the 3 remaining colors were added as drops from Zereth Mortis rares!

The original warp blade weapon model was added with Patch 9.1 – So’azmi, the fifth boss from Tazavesh, the Veiled Market drops First Fist of the So Cartel, and this fist weapon uses the red variant with the bronze handle.

The first available recolor of the warp blade fist weapon in Patch 9.2 is the green variant. This variant also has a golden handle and looks strikingly similar to the version made famous by the Dark Templar Zeratul, and is available from Perennial Punching Dagger – This fist weapon can be obtained from killing the rare Gluttonous Overgrowth, located all the way to the south of Zereth Mortis in the Catalyst Gardens.

This rare is initially unattackable, and to trigger it you must locate four roots by the bushes close to the rare spawn area and pull them out of the ground. Once all roots are pulled, the rare will emerge and attack you.

Gluttonous Overgrowth location

A white warp blade with a silver handle can be obtained with Vexis’ Wisest Fang – This item is dropped by the rare of the same name, Vexis. Vexis can be found sleeping with his lupine pack just northeast of Haven. This is one of the more difficult rares to solo in Zereth Mortis, as Vexis will constantly summon additional lupine to attack you.

The final warp blade fist weapon available on the 9.2 PTR is a blue warp blade with a metal handle – Famished Broker’s Ripper currently has no known source, but the item name directs to the only broker rare in Zereth Mortis, Xy’rath the Covetous, which spawns just north of Pilgrim’s Grace. This rare has no requirements to spawn, but it is one of the tougher rares to solo in Zereth Mortis.

Xy’rath the Covetous location

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