One of the major features in WoW Shadowlands is the Covenants. You’ll explore each Covenant and have to join one at max level.
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  1. What i wonder is if the Transmog sets are character bound or account wide. Because if you make 3 other alts you could really make some funky ass transmogs

  2. wish they would allow you to fly using those wings….or have some kinda other wings that you can fly with, kinda like running wild on worgens but with wings like tyrael-ish…maybe rune to make wings demonhunter ish or other demon kind

  3. As a Ret Pally, I think my best bet is to go with Kyrians. Light + light = brighter light. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  4. I can't help worrying that covenant abilities are gonna be terrible. If they doesn't matter in combat, they'll be kinda pointless. If they do matter in combat, they'll be impossible to balance and everyone will only use the meta ability.

  5. This looks so awesome! I can't wait for Shadowlands, definitely interested in the Venthyr. Hopefully we get some more new races soon that would be neat!

  6. Great, we are going to have 50 spells and only 20 spaces on the ui.. and i only play 1 character now , Don't want to play 5 +hours a day anymore..i actually liked the class halls but this seems more complicated for no reason.. very informative video though thx for sharing.

  7. Since we talked about Door of Shadows being like Reaper's teleport, we can talk about how Transcend the Flesh is the Leoric's E from Heroes of the Storm

  8. Anyone know if we can use those spells in dungeons or raids?? If not then doesnt matter if so does matter which clan you pick

  9. I think at the beginning, people are gonna do what they like, but after all the elitists and guides start popping up, people are gonna switch to whichever gives them the best output for their class, and raids. Happens every expan

  10. 4 character will be the sweet spot.. ……………………………. sweet is NOT the word i would use…
    probleme would be a better word.. 4 XD wtf ..
    that said, i never been that excited for a game/expension before.. those transmo brooooooooooooooo

  11. I really love everything about Night Fae except for their armour lmao but I think I will be choosing it for my main 🙂

  12. As a Rogue I am torn between being the "unburdened" rogue who walks around like i have the biggest dick in the world or the "mystical" rogue who can turn into a fox.
    Both of them look good in terms of appearence, but I think if I wanted to look more like a rogue i'd have to go with Venthyr. So it's out of those three for me.
    Necrolords look ass.

  13. Is this going to make pvp? New factions so you will be against the other 3 factions? Or how does pvp work with this, or is it just not thought about again?


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