Mounts and Pets to Match the Sprite Darter Wings Transmog

Mounts and Pets to Match the Sprite Darter Wings Transmog

We’ve picked mounts and pets that match the theme of Night Elves or Faerie Dragons, or match the colour theme of the set. This includes lots of purple, blue, pink or red mounts and pets. Though we’ve only chosen a few, there are plenty more that can match!

What mounts or pets have you matched your Sprite Darter’s Wings transmog set with? Let us know in the comments below!


Big Cats

To start off, everybody loves cats! So why not pair your Sprite Darter set with cats, big and small!

Ashenvale Chimera


Dragon mounts are a staple for most players. Consider some of these dragons as your mount choice:


Although the Dragonhawk models are sorely in need of an update, they match the set very well!

Leywoven Flying Carpet


Mana & Nether Rays

Voidtalon of the Dark Star

Store Mounts

If store mounts are an option for you, some of the most themeatical pairings are with these mounts:


Small Cats

Cats, a-meow-zing! Here’s some kitty cat options to match with your transmog:

  • Twilight – From the Blizzard store.
  • Brightpaw – From the Blizzard store. A Wowhead favourite.

Sprite Darters

There really isn’t a better choice than to match your pet with what your transmog is.


These Whelplings may make an ideal companion, especially if you are using a dragon mount.

Enchanted Pen

Skyfin & Nether Ray


Although some butterflies match more than others, the butterfly pets really bring out the colours in the transmog. Here’s a list of them all:

Noblegarden Bunny

Lost Netherpup

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