MTA #54 Vanilla WoW Daily | Alot of Gold Making Tips for Classic WoW


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►Hey welcome to MTA! Mowsen talks about: Here you can ask me anything or comment and I will pick those comments or questions up below this video and talk about it on the next one! It doesnt have to be WoW related only but lets keep it in that direction. But I am open to talk about anything really. Ask whatever you like and post it as a comment. Cheers and enjoy!

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WoW Classic Daily
Classic WoW Daily


  1. There is always my favorite.. Fishing… One of the reasons I'd love to roll on an eu server as a us player is the most valuable fish can only be caught reliably between midnight and 6am server time.. Which would be right in my wheelhouse of when I'm done with work.. You can even fish for elemental waters in some of the elemental nodes in bay of storms.. You should be fine sith 420-425 fishing level

  2. Great video Mowsen! As for the essence of water, if you're into farming, you can make so much more money like that and then using the transmutes only for arcanite bar's don't you think? At least that is one of my plans when i level my mage. That and selling town portal's like the old days… Hoping that will be a thing again 😛


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