My 1-120 Leveling Route + Tips, Tricks and What I Use for Leveling!


This video runs through my leveling route, zones, my thoughts on running dungeons, what items I feel are useful and anything else I feel is useful information for leveling from level 1 to 120 as quickly as possible in World of Warcraft

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  1. This has to be old. Dungeons are the way to go. Questing sucks and slow. 1 dungeon without resting give over 1 level and most not in more then 20 min.

  2. Name 10 popular youtubers off the top of your head that dont have accents. Go!

  3. I recommend doing one of my favorite leveling zones, Silverpine Forest. It’s packed with fast quests and exp and I usually leave with 10 or more levels when starting as level 20

  4. I disagree on dungon running as long as it is a dungon with quest in it now if there is no quest then I agree … and thunder bluff has a zipplin

  5. Sylier if you’re missing the heirloom rings, just check your naval mission table in your garrison every day, the rare ring missions came up for me like every 2-3 days I think. You can still use the rings even if the toon you’re leveling doesn’t use that stat. Like you can put the strength ring on a mage and you’ll still get the exp buff, just a few less stats. Also the pirate ring from Stranglethorn fishing tourney is easy to get if you’re prepared.

  6. i dont think i'd ever gotten that caravan achieve – plaugelands were so painful in vanilla that i spent as little time there as i could and never really went back. so this is sort-of-new content found! that helps motivate the leveling of the 20th-some alt

  7. Good vid, but you are very incorrect about dungeons. You should do most dungeons once only. The ones with the dungeon quests particularly. They give a crazy amount of xp when you factor the quest xp. Just rando que maybe twice in the beginning and then check off individual ones, one at a time. I leveled to 60 in like 4 hours this way (combined with questing too of course).

  8. really????? you are trying to give advice and this is the shit you provide??? ok I watched your vids for mount guides, k, then saw the hati guide and yeah that was pretty cool, then there was you can ride hati too, thats when the bullshit set in, and now I see this, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???????? you can elwyn, westall, duskwood with lfg and looms to 60 so you are talking shit

  9. It’s going to sound weird but eventually they’ll need to do a level nerf somehow. Make the cap 130 but start faster at 1-60 or something so it doesn’t take 33 hours

  10. Nice video. Just wanted to say that I was levelling an Alliance character in Ashenvale and I had a lot of bugs too (taking damage in the elemental zone. When I switched War Mode off everything was fine. Maybe there's a problem with phasing there?

  11. i had that death bug in stormsong once. kept getting killed while in death:( big lizard in a cave for a quest. everytime i tried to attack game said youre dead

  12. I am thrilled to find this gem. I just got back to WoW after a long break. I left right before WoD:BR Foundry came out. I missed legion(Q_Q). I got burnt out on Raiding because I only knew PuG raids. After watching some Preach gaming videos, I realized guild raids are more about teamwork and self improvement than gear.

    Right now, I am leveling through BFA. I want to get my alts max level and professions on each. Make some gold and maybe find a decent guild on a US Realm on EDT time zone. Im taking it slow and not really worried about raiding in BFA. Just setting myself up for success in future WoW expansions. Who knows…maybe BFA will improve…

  13. Do you ever wonder why things like that happen? You mentioned a weird glitch with turning in quests where the game realize that you turned in a quest for 15 minutes. Is it bad coding? Weird server connection issues?

  14. Just a tip, the apexis crystals in Ruins of Kranak [Tanaan Jungle] give treasure level EXP, and respawn quite quickly. You can actually get 100-102 in about, mmm 30 mins? maybe more maybe less depending on how rampantly it's being farmed.

  15. You should try Dustwallow Marsh, specially the northern Horde outpost. I usually level there because even if it doesn't feel like there are a lot of quests, they are so clustered and they are so fast that your experience per minute grows a lot (or at least I feel so).
    Also, you can get there from the north of Southern Barrens and connect to Un'Goro (you can use gunshoes to get through most of the water of Thousand Needles) later; and both these areas are also very efficient in exp/min I think.

  16. If in northrend, I noticed Sholazat Basin is very fun to do. When flying around it seems there are no quests, but its all about questlines starters. And then there are a lot follow ups. I think the xp you get there is really underestimated.

  17. Great video! only thing I highly disagree with is going to Outland for any reason at all – it's honestly not worth it from my experience in leveling when TBC was new, and comparing to WLK the questing was definitely way better, more abundant, and fewer distances for questing areas.

  18. Great vid. I want to try this myself now though… You didn't mention professions. I always take mining and herbalism for the XP.

  19. As I am new to wow I have used a boosted character and not leveled any from the beginning, this will help a lot thanks. Planing on making a Zandalari Warrior once they are released.


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