MY DAILY GOLD MAKING ROUTINE! 4.3 Million Gold Mailbox in World of Warcraft


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Here is my gold making routine during the week in Battle for Azeroth. I also loot around 4.3 million gold from my mailbox and talk about some of the sales.

–Search Strings–

MOP: spirit of harmony;mote of harmony;ghost iron ore;ghost iron bar;golden lotus;living steel/exact;trillium bar;wild jade/exact;river’s heart/exact;sun’s radiance/exact;primordial ruby/exact;jade panther;sapphire panther;sunstone panther;ruby panther;jeweled onyx panther

Enchants: deadly navigation;masterful navigation;quick navigation;stalwart navigation;versatile navigation;coastal surge;gale-force striking;siphoning;torrent of elements;pact of critical strike;pact of haste;pact of mastery;pact of versatility;veiled crystal;umbra shard;gloom dust

Shuffle Mats: blood-stained bone;tidespray linen/exact;coarse leather/exact;shimmerscale/exact

Herbs: akunda’s bite;riverbud;sea stalk;siren’s pollen;star moss;winter’s kiss;anchor weed

Feast Mats: redtail loach;frenzied fangtooth;stringy loins;meaty haunch;midnight salmon;bountiful captain’s feast

Darkmoon Cards and Decks: fathoms/rare;blockades/rare;tides/rare; squalls/rare


  1. So you think enchanting will still be profitable for the next view weeks/months? Because I‘m thinking about dropping mining and roll to enchanting on my main

  2. NIce video, thanks for sharing. I'm on a gold making journey myself too, working towards the 5m mount, currently sitting at 3,7. Made most of it by boe flipping, buying cheap battle pets on high pop, sleling them on my low pop, echanting, selling bags, etc. on my tailor /enchant main. I'm planning to step up my profession game on my alt, but can't decide what to pick, herb/insciption looks tempting, but without the darkmoon trinkets in the future, it might not be as profitable, as it was/is at the beginning of the expansion. What do you think?

  3. I found a problem, in the codes above they always skip the first item in the list. If you put an ; before that item it will show up in the scan. So the revised string would look like this as an example: Shuffle Mats: ;blood-stained bone;tidespray linen/exact;coarse leather/exact;shimmerscale/exact

    I made a couple of my own after seeing this, one for WoD mats for trader turn ins, and another for Uldir BOEs.
    Uldir BOEs: ;Bloody Experimenter's Wraps;Spellbound Specimen Handlers;Splatterguards;Antiseptic Specimen Handlers;Reinforced Test Subject Shackles;Iron-Grip Specimen Handlers;Crushproof Vambraces;Fluid-Resistant Specimen Handlers

    WOD: ;draenic dust;blackrock ore/exact;true iron ore/exact;raw beast hide;sumptuous fur;gorgrond flytrap/exact;talador orchid/exact;starflower/exact;frostweed/exact;fireweed/exact;nagrand arrowbloom/exact;blackrock ore/exact

  4. What do you do as far as sharing your saved variables folder between two computers. I have been just copying from my main to my laptop for a while but a few weeks ago it caused an issue so I stopped.

  5. Love the videos and the details on how you make your gold.
    Maybe you could show more about the BoEs you sell. Or what you are looking for when buying them. What ilvl range do you buy and sell, all armor types or do some sell better than other?
    On my server each Boe is available for every ilvl but not one more like 5. So do i need to buy all 5 to actually sell any?

  6. I think I am sitting on a sky golem until the new raid opens. Several people trying to sell at once have messed things up; 10 are up without mine, with 0-4 selling daily, past few days have had an oversupply. (I am still running the jard's towards making another.) I really should learn how to make the panthers; I have all the patterns just have never had to do it (sky golem was doing well). Guess I prospect some ghost iron/kyparite mop ores & buy the orb; the ruby one is doing quite well still. People may be low on spirits due to the holiday farm. My alchemist is out since I haven't been running MoP raids as much as I otherwise would and used them up on the last sky golem craft. I was also selling BFA ores earlier this expansion; have been using them to level my blacksmith too. Trying to close out the halloween pet farming stock. Fathoms is around 40k on my main server; 27k on full realm. Happy halloween also!


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