My FULL THOUGHTS on World of Warcraft: Shadowlands


Since my recent video “THE WORST BLIZZCON EVER?” there’s been a bit of confusion as to whether or not I am actually a FAN of Shadowlands as an expansion. In the video, I said that I wasn’t all too impressed by it, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things in this new World of Warcraft release that I’m not excited for. In that previous video, I only spent a moment on Shadowlands, as I wanted to discuss EVERYTHING that was announced at Blizzcon, so in this video I am giving you all my FULL THOUGHTS on this new WoW expansion!

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  1. I played my monk back in wod. I had no looms and after 30 days of playing like 3h a day I end up with 82 lvl. At lvl 60 i thought that I am at 60% of the way. But vanilla was like 1 expac and I had still 4 expacs ahead. It is way too long. I am not some kind of leveling expert, altoholic. I was just a freshman trying to get to max lvl and I failed. I just got a boost with Legion and used it.

  2. I strongly disagree with the level nuff, I mean for all of us that have been grinding it, its totally not cool to slap us in the face with that. And they will probably see a lot of people leaving the game because of it. If a new player wants to be 120 they should buy a toon upgrade. I mean why do we get a free toon boost if they are ghb oing to make level cap so low ?

  3. I kinda wish that JUST for this xpac, while you're in Shadowlands, your convenant simulated your faction. So you could talk cross faction and stuff but only in those zones. That'd be neato

  4. Seriously, I'm so fucking angry that blizzard doesn't care about leveling in ANY way what so ever. Here's a brainstorm: SQUISH THE LEVELS. Make it so that 60 is the PERMANENT cap and after I reach it make it so that I can keep recieving "post cap levels" like in Elder Scrolls Online so that progression always feels constant and make it so that I can play ANY ZONE at ANY LEVEL. Wanna level up entierly in Kalimdor and The Eastern Kingdoms? DO IT! Wanna level up almost entirly in Pandaria?? WHY THE FUCK NOT?? It's so aids the way leveling is now. Fuck off Blizzard.

  5. Maybe I heard you wrong cause its 4:30am lol but I dont want to lvl 1-10 in a completely different zone thatll teach me how to play the game. its a fucking mmo, you do whatever your heart wants. also the level squish is stupid, what about the people htat just purchased a lvl 120 boost? Welp back down to 60 i guess?

  6. About the tower of whatever I can tell you this: After the absolute fiasco BfA was and huge success final fantasy 14 was I was one of the wow refugees who went to ff14. And they already has that system with tower where the mobs and affixes and traps change every floor. Ppl use it because its efficient to lvl up on certain lvls and certain classes (because dps dungeon queues etc) and yeah its awesome at first but the replayability isnt infinite either there will be like few options that can happen and you get some of those and ppl will like it first but after a month noone will go there unless they have to.

  7. if the new replay dungeon is like say dead cells
    then its already going to be good. Your paths, encounters, buffs etc all being randomized each run makes it a new dungeon every time. The big key factor here imo is how big their rng pool is. like do they have 5 unique rooms and 10 unique halls that get smushed together? or do they have 50 and 100 or something higher? the thing could be really fun if they do it right

  8. Blizz didn't say anything about gearing system, right now its a giant RNG grind, I went 20 M+ runs with 2 gear drops and those 2 where useless for me, and you haw to do that every patch… its to much RNG grind.

  9. We shall see how much blizzard actually delivers. They have a history of making big descriptions of what they will produce and then delivering content that lacks depth and versatility

  10. im happy with this. New shiny classes and races and shit like that only brings people in for a month or two, what blizzard needs to focus on is fixing what has been broken over the years and this feels like an albeit small step in the right direction.

  11. The covenant system is another retarded idea that will only cause problems, as there will be, because it's unavoidable, the BEST covenant for each spec/class. So, there won't be a reason to pick a weaker one, same with talents – you need them, but in many cases the choice is an ilusion – one of the three in some tiers is better than others. Classic talent system with all it's flaws, at least gave you some options.

  12. Sorry but I can't get hyped for Shadowlands. I don't trust Blizz with anything new until it's proven to be good and I don't feel like participating in 'beta' testing the game the first two months of the expansion release. With their latest patch they've proven again that they just don't listen to tester so why think stuff will be different this time?
    No hype from me.


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