Mythic Ny’alotha vs 20 Tanks – 7/12 Cleared on their First Run

Mythic Ny'alotha vs 20 Tanks - 7/12 Cleared on their First Run

Following the success of their 30 Tank Heroic Ny’alotha Run, Method’s Nnoggie tuned his group to now face Mythic Ny’alotha, the Waking City!

Full Run VoD

Warcraft Logs

Most of the logs can be found in Nnoggie’s main log, while Wrathion’s log is separated.

Run Overview

This time around, they ran with 19 Blood Death Knights and 1 Vengeance Demon Hunter. The Demon Hunter was brought to apply Chaos Brand to enemies, which increases the damage done by Twilight Devastation. Wrathion was one of the bosses that gave them the most trouble, as Death Knights don’t have a way to reset the Mythic mechanic Creeping Madness, meaning they have to no room for error when positioning. It took them 7 wipes to defeat it.

After Wrathion, the group had a bit of trouble on Maut, which took them 5 wipes, due to unlucky Twilight Devastations during Obsidian Skin. Skitra, Hivemind, Shad’har, and Drest’agath were easy one-shots for the group, with one a few casualties in the kills. The first wall the group reached was Il’gynoth. Il’gynoth is really difficult with a group with only melee characters, as Corruptor’s Gaze‘s Morass of Corruption will heavily limit the area where people can stand around the boss, meaning a bad placement might render the boss completely unattackable. Besides having to manage the room around the boss, they must be extra careful with Touch of the Corruptor, as you cannot be in melee range of mind-controlled characters otherwise you will get mind-controlled as well, meaning the group had to rely only on Death’s Caress and The Crucible of Flame to break the mind control. The group gave Il’gynoth 7 attempts, with two good ones, but ended up giving up and moving to Xanesh and Vexiona.

Xanesh took the group 6 wipes, as they had to get used to the bouncing mechanics of the fight as a new group, but not too difficult afterwards. Vexiona, on the other hand, is a big challenge without a healer. Without a healer, DKs need to manage their resources well to manage Despair, which causes Shattered Resolve to the whole raid. The group did some attempts on Vexiona but ended up not killing the dragon and calling the raid. However, they’ve shown interest in continuing the run and maybe even killing N’zoth in the future, which they believe should be easy as tanks are not targeted by Paranoia, one the fight’s main mechanics.

How Did They Do It?

The main factor that enabled such a crazy clear was the use of creative game mechanics to boost the damage of the Corruption ability Twilight Devastation, which unlike many other Corruptions, scales exclusively from your maximum health.

What made such massive Twilight Devastation hits possible was the stacking of the minor tank Azerite Essence Strength of the Warden, which increases the health of all Tanks at the raid by 3%, stacking with itself. With all 20 tanks in the raid using the Azerite Essence, plus many Stamina-increased items like the Timewarped version of Royal Seal of King Llane from Timewalking Ulduar, many of the tanks of the run were stacking millions of health, and by proxy, dealing millions of damage every time they got a Twilight Devastation to proc. They were also requiring other items such as Vita-Charged Titanshard equipped, to try to fish for as many Twilight Devastation procs as they can get.

Some of the Blood Death Knights tried to push their maximum health further with the help of the Azerite Essence major Vision of Perfection, which procs Vampiric Blood for them! With Vampiric Blood active, some DKs were approaching 3 million health.

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