Mythic+ Tip of the Week – Help Your Tank with Cataclysm's Cardboard Assassin

Mythic+ Tip of the Week - Help Your Tank with Cataclysm's Cardboard Assassin

What is the Cardboard Assassin?

The Cardboard Assassin is a Cataclysm enchant that can be placed on any Engineer’s belt for the cheap price of 1 Tinker’s Kit. When used it will drop a Cardboard Assassin at your feet, taunting nearby mobs for about 5 seconds and giving your Tank a nice break from being attacked.

As all 5 members can have Cardboard Assassin enchanted, your party can use many Cardboard Assassins throughout your Mythic+ runs, making this enchant a huge benefit to your Tank.

How to Obtain Cardboard Assassin

In order to obtain the Cardboard Assassin Engineering enchant, you’ll need to have the Engineering Professions and learn Cataclysm Engineering. Unlike normal recipe, you cannot learn this recipe from a trainer — the recipe is randomly learned when you craft items from Cataclysm Engineering.

How Does the Cardboard Assassin Work?

When you use the Cardboard Assassin belt enchant, it drops a Cardboard Assassin at your current location, which taunts nearby enemies for about 5 seconds. This taunt does not work on bosses.

This Cardboard Assassin is very useful for tanks to avoid tankbusters such as Kyrian Stitchwerk‘s Mutlilate and Tenderize in Necrotic Wake, or Putrid Butcher‘s Devour Flesh in Theater of Pain. It can also be used to take pressure of your tank when no defensive cooldowns are available.

With everyone in your party having this belt enchant, you can basically have 25 seconds of a pseudo-Force of Nature — one of the best friends for your Tank!

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