Necromancer, Dark Ranger & Spellbreaker! CLASS SKINS Are The Answer In 9.0


World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth introduced the allied race system which allowed Blizzard to easily add new playable races to the game any time they like without being restricted to new expansions. Could a similar system be used for new classes? Could “Class Skins” finally allow us to play as Kul Tiran Tidesages, Blood Elf Spellbreakers, Worgen Frenzy Warriors, Forsaken Dark Rangers, NIght Elf Preistess of Elune, NECROMANCER and any of the others we’ve been pining for since vanilla warcraft?

Join us for a Taliesin Talks as we explore how WoW might change classes in 9.0.

Check out Matt Rossi and the gang on the Blizzardwatch podcast:

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  1. This is a great idea by the way… it’s quite f’ing simple!!!! The same way the Grimoire quest line allows locks to go to green fel… but I don’t think your aspect really works with necromancers. Am I the only person that was pissed when necromancers weren’t an option in vanilla? Disgrace to WC1-3… like come on we’ve seen two new leather classes and a plate… NEVER A CLOTH!!!!

  2. Necromancers should have been added in vanilla; it’s that simple. Sadly they retconned a lot of lore, but that’s no reason not to adjust and ADD them.
    You don’t need a strong intro story about how people learned this class… JUST MAKE A STORY ABOUT WHY NECROS WERE ALOUD TO COME OUT OF THE SHADOWS.
    Like warlocks, necros were viewed with contempt… fuck make me start with shit rep, but come on.

  3. Here's the main issue with this, the weapon system. Some of these wouldn't be too difficult, but the issue comes from the Worgen Frenzy Warrior and the Dark Rangers. With the Frenzy Warrior, the whole point is running around not needing a weapon, which in turn becomes a massive disadvantage. At that point, Blizzard would need to have to re-adjust stats to make up for the lack of weapons. The only other thing possible would be that the weapons wouldn't appear. With the Dark Rangers, the issue comes with the Rogue not having access to a Bow, while the Hunter has a pet. In order to play a Dark Ranger, it would be a necessity to implement bows, while also removing pets. So with these two, I feel that they'd have to become unique classes much like the Demon Hunters.

  4. No. Just no. This will give blizzard a HUGE work. And it would have no actual impact in the game. Just visuals. No new class, no new spells, no new nothing. Just recollors and new themes. Just no, please

  5. for the Demo to Necro idea you could replace all the fire abilities with ice abilities, the shadow and plague ability’s are probably fine just change the names a bit, the void walker is probably fine but I’d rather have a tortured shade, and I thought for the hand of Kel’Thuzad instead of a meteorite crashing down and unleashing 5 wild imps it shows a bunch of souls being funneled into the ground and 5 mindless zombies clawing their way out of the ground.

  6. As much as I love class lore, renaming and recoloring abilities would be too superficial for me. It wouldn't change how I play, and the reason I play different classes is so I can approach the game from different perspectives and be uniquely creative with each toolkit. The lore allows me to fantasize how those abilities might fit into the world, but the visuals and mechanics need some kind of substance to set each spec apart. I really love your ideas and I agree that WoW needs some more depth and complexity to its classes/specs (after streamlining everything into oblivion), and honestly I would still spend hours in the character creation screen if they made class skins. I'd just like to see more sandboxing, more world-building, more options for how to approach the game in our own way, but still within the limits of what reasonably separates a paladin from a warlock, of course. Or not?

  7. I've been thinking this for years. Ever since SW:TOR came out. This is exactly what they do to differentiate classes between faction. Jedi Knight = Sith Warrior, Jedi Consular = Sith Inquisitor, Trooper = Bounty Hunter, and Smuggler = Imperial Agent. It is exactly what is suggested in this video. Gameplay mechanics between Trooper and Bounty Hunter, for example, are the same. The only thing that changes is their names and animations.

  8. Belf paladins should be blood knights, not spellbreakers because it's a completely different thing. Void elf holy priests also dont make sense. Not to talk about nelf priests. In my humble opinion darkspear/zandalari priests would be cool as loa priests instead of priests of the holy light because i think that would make much more sense.

  9. I sat and thought all about the Light Forged Draenei – Shadow Priest. The thought of them just drives my OCD nuts. It is nice to know I'm not the only one that thinks of trivial things like this and then obsess about them to the point of redoing the whole class (on paper)

  10. Such a great idea and so many people would be satisfied to have their race specific class, unfortunately blizzard will never do this and it's a real shame I main a warlock and being able to go full necromancer would be so fantastic.

  11. i think blizzard needs to move awey from having many different specs becus there are classes that can work but if they only have 1 spec

    but simlair thing depends mage, warlock and shaman use fire but dont play the same paladin and priest is 5 spec on holy so stuff works
    so simlair spec works and class starting as skin is fine but can be nice if they start to change them over time to be its own class

  12. Necromancers should be death knights imo, change Unholy to Necromancer. Unholy is raising dead minions to do the work for the caster. Make death coil into a cast-able spell like shadowbolt. This is just me but I don’t see how Demo locks can be turned into Necromancers because your just taking Demo and making them Unholy death knights. This is just my opinion

  13. Could be very interesting, although I might consider if you wanted to be a night elf who's holy if she or he wanted to if there was something in their rp backstory like orphan who got raised by a human family or something, but still it would allow both a more true to lore set and a more spin-off set optional neither a required state.

  14. This is actually great idea. I thought about balance druid when they announced kul tirans. I really wanted them to be themed about the drust and the balance between life and death instead of sun and moon. Then there is also the necromancer which would be great to have at least like a skin.

  15. i think your over all idea is perfect, except the transmog thing. it's a cool and fun idea to have transmogs for specs, but right now in 8.2, i can hide literally everything except my weapon and legs, and on a warrior for example, i can just transmog my weapon into a staff and the legs into the orgrimmar pants things, so i'd look like some savage mage that can use charge and execute. at this point, everyone knows what class i am (and there are even toys that make that invisible as well), so letting us transmog armour into the appearance of other grades of armour really is a non-issue. i seen a worgen druid running around in those fancy pants clothes dinner clothes, too. at first glance he totally could have been a rogue, so i think we're long gone caring about that type of confusion

  16. As I remember, Blizzard though of this when they introduced Bloodelf Paladins aka Bloodknights.
    But they said, it would not be possible for them, to do that.
    Well, maybe they can do it now cause a decade has passed but the idea itself is not new to Blizzard.


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