New Mythic+ Affix Rotation in Shadowlands Season 1 – The Return of Tyrannical + Grievous

New Mythic+ Affix Rotation in Shadowlands Season 1 - The Return of Tyrannical + Grievous

Shadowlands Season 1 Mythic+ Guide

Shadowlands Season 1 Mythic+ Affix Rotation

Here is the Shadowlands Season 1 Mythic+ Affix Rotation, obtained from the Shadowlands Beta. As this was taken from the Beta, the rotation may change before Shadowlands releases based on feedback or for any reason at all if Blizzard sees fit. This rotation is for Shadowlands Season 1 and will not apply to the Shadowlands Pre-Patch.

Note: Week 12 has not occurred on the Shadowlands Beta yet. However, we are currently on Week 11 on the Shadowlands Beta and there is only one Level 4 and Level 7 affix that have not been repeated so while unconfirmed, it seems likely that these two affixes are the final week in the new rotation.

New Affix Details

We’ve covered the three new Shadowlands affixes Inspiring, Spiteful, Storming previously, but we have a brief summary below. If you want the full details, check out our Shadowlands Season 1 Mythic+ Guide.

  • Inspiring – Predetermined mobs have the Inspiring Presence aura which makes nearby other mobs unable to be interrupted or CC’ed.
  • Spiteful – Whenever a non-boss mob dies, it summons a Spiteful Shade that chases down a party member. It melees very hard, but kills itself over time.
  • Storming – When in combat, there’s a chance to summon a tornado that will slowly spiral around the area.

New Shadowlands Affixes

Thoughts and Opinions

This new affix rotation has three affix weeks returning from BFA, two of which are probably the best weeks to do Mythic+ in Shadowlands. These two are:

Why are these so good? They’re Fortified weeks and have affixes which can be countered easily or affect play the least. These two weeks are the ones that you’ll probably see the highest keys done, but overall all the Fortified weeks aren’t too bad.

Now, moving onto the Tyrannical weeks, there are many people that don’t find Tyrannical weeks fun due to the extended or more difficult bosses. The affix combinations that have been paired with Tyrannical in Shadowlands have not been kind. Of the 6 possible Tyrannical weeks:

  • Two of them are combined with Necrotic, an affix that is not fun for tanks.
  • Two of them are combined with Grievous, an affix that was removed from being paired with Tyrannical because of how punishing it was in Legion for healers, especially on bosses with ticking AoE damage. Well… it’s back!
  • Two of them are combined with Raging and are probably the best Tyrannical weeks you’re going to get.

Just look at Week 12 which is looking to contain Tyrannical, Bolstering and Necrotic. It’s arguably the three affixes that the community finds the least fun combined into a single week. Bolstering and Necrotic are the final two affixes that are probably considered the least fun and haven’t gotten a tuning pass in Shadowlands combined together into a Tyrannical week. All the other affixes that were overly punishing such as Bursting, Grievous and Explosive received tuning and I really hope Necrotic and Bolstering do too, especially if there’s a week with them combined.

Overall, with the removal of Teeming and Skittish, this rotation seems like it’s an improvement with many possible good weeks coming up. Part of it depends on where the tuning for the new affixes lands, as they can be super punishing or non-existent. Tyrannical, Bolstering and Necrotic just looks to be an unfun week in the current state, but overall the affix rotation seems to be an improvement with all the recent tuning changes.

What do you think of the Shadowlands Affix rotation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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