New Mythic+ Affix Rotation in Shadowlands – The New Rotation So Far

New Mythic+ Affix Rotation in Shadowlands - The New Rotation So Far

New Shadowlands Affix Rotation

Here’s what we know of the Affix Rotation so far in Shadowlands, taken from the Shadowlands Beta. This is obviously subject to change at any point.

Comments on the Affix Pairings

Fortified, Bursting, Storming

This week’s affixes seems like it will be good to complete Weekly Keys, but it may be slow and hard to push keys to a higher level.

  • Storming is punishing to melee DPS, especially if you decide to pull big due to the overwhelming amount of tornadoes that will spawn.
  • Since the number of mobs that you can pull is limited by the number of tornadoes you want to spawn, Bursting‘s effective is limited.

Tyrannical, Sanguine, Grievous

The Tyrannical and Grievous combo returns. This combo was removed in the past probably due to how punishing it was, especially on fights with periodic AoE damage doing bonus damage from Tyrannical and applying Grievous.

  • However, Grievous now has an additional functionality of non-periodic heals removing 1 application of Grievous Wound. Blizzard may see this as enough reason to tie Grievous back to Tyrannical.
  • Sanguine and Grievous was an affix combination in Battle for Azeroth, except it was paired with Fortified.
  • Trash will be no problem with this affix combination, but some bosses might still be difficult due to periodic AoE damage such as Mueh’zala in De Other Side dungeon.

Fortified, Inspiring, Explosive

This week’s affixes could be really easy or really difficult depending on your group composition and dungeon that you’re doing.

  • For Shadowlands dungeons that require lots of kicks like Necrotic Wake or Spires of Ascension, Inspiring may slow you down depending if you want to CC the mob with Inspiring Presence or power through.
  • For other dungeons that don’t require Interrupts or CC such as Sanguine Depths, Inspiring has basically 0 impact.
  • Explosive’s functionality is unchanged. As key level increases and Orb health increases, it becomes harder and harder for casters to successfully kill Explosive Orbs.

Tyrannical, Raging, Quaking

These three affixes don’t really impact each other much. Raging has been paired with Tyrannical for a long time, and Quaking’s effectiveness when done correctly is limited (barring some extreme circumstances).

  • Raging can still be dispelled by a Druid, Hunter and now Rogue, so options to counter Raging have increased in Shadowlands.

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