New Nathanos Excerpt from Shadows Rising Novel

New Nathanos Excerpt from Shadows Rising Novel

There’s a lot going on in the novel, with Nathanos tracking down Bwonsamdi while members of both the Alliance and Horde search for Sylvanas. In this excerpt, we learn a bit more about Nathanos’ plans to defeat Bwonsamdi, using the assistance of Zandalari rebels and their rituals. We also reconnect with Sira Moonwarden, her first real appearance after being turned Undead during the Battle for Darkshore.

Full Shadows Rising Excerpt on Blizzard Watch

The timing of this published excerpt is noteworthy–it came out yesterday, around the same time Nathanos was discovered on the Shadowlands alpha. We’ve been covering datamining hints surrounding Nathanos for several months, so his emergence on the Alpha feels like a bit more than a coincidence.

It’s an interesting glimpse into some characters that have been out of the spotlight in Battle for Azeroth. We have hints of Zandalari unrest at Talanji’s coronation, and we see Sire Moonwarden as an Undead, but those stories weren’t explored fully in-game, leaving many plotlines unanswered. While the excerpt doesn’t contain any big plot twists, it’s nice to pick up these characters once again and learn more about their motivations.

We’ve copied one small part below, depicting Nathanos giving up a prized relic for the Zandalari ritual, and you can read more of the chapter on Blizzard Watch:

But he was already pulling a chain out from under his heavy black coat, a green-and-gold badge, warped and faded with time, hung from the tarnished necklace. An officer’s badge? A remnant from a war long since forgotten? Sira couldn’t say. Nathanos and Sylvanas had once served Silvermoon, he so tactically gifted that he had been raised to the rank of ranger lord in the Farstriders, an achievement no other human had managed. The Dark Lady herself had been the one to give the promotion, the dark rangers serving Sylvanas had told the tale many times at sea. It seemed to be a favorite. Was this the badge recognizing as much? Though his eyes always pulsed with the same steady crimson glow, Sira saw that dim for a moment, fading just like the old, etched memento. “What are you doing?” Sira whispered. “We cannot simply give in to every demand and roll over like trained dogs. They will think you weak.”

if you’d like to learn more about these characters, check out:

Shadows Rising releases on July 14th, and you can preorder it here.

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