New Naxxramas Speedrunning Rules on Warcraft Logs

New Naxxramas Speedrunning Rules on Warcraft Logs

Players and streamers have criticized how strict the rules are, but if you are familiar with speedrunning, even on the most basic of terms, the more variables involved in the run will inevitably make the content more competitive. Whether you are a fan or not, these rules will make for quite an interesting speedrunning race leading up to the end of Phase 6. Warcraft Logs is an amazing resource for speedrunners and WoW Raiders that wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the great work of Kihra and the rest of the Warcraft Logs team!

The following rules will take effect on January 3, 2021 at 12pm UTC regarding Naxxramas complete raids.

1. Using Traces of Silithyst will result in your parse being invalid and in your guild’s complete raid rank being invalid. (This rule is already in effect, but we’re including it here for completeness).

2. Using Soul Revival in conjunction with Darkmoon Faire buffs will result in your parse being invalid and in your guild’s complete raid rank being invalid. Traces was already banned, and Soul Revival will become unobtainable after Dec 31. If we allowed Soul Revival in the next DMF week, then parses that will never be beaten would be put up, and damage parsing might as well stop next week. By disallowing it, we ensure that everyone can keep parsing for the final months of the tier.

Soul Revival only became trackable by WCL very recently after a fix made by Blizzard, so we can’t retroactively ban all Soul Revival logs. We decided it would be too disruptive to wipe out all rankings just to remove it, since – so far – it hasn’t been used in any rankings that can’t be beaten. Only next week would unbeatable Soul Revival rankings really become a concern, so that’s why we’re taking action now.

3. Rebuffing World Buffs will put your dps/healing complete raid rank in a “rebuffed” section. If you look at the “Waiting for 3min+ CDs” rules for BWL, we’re going to do the same thing for Naxxramas. If you leave the raid to rebuff, your personal ranks will end up with that “rebuffed” flag set to indicate you went out and got fresh world buffs.

4. Failing trash requirements or using more than 5 Flask of Petrification while in combat will result in the log being put in the “With Skips” category. Outside of combat, you may use any number of flasks, as this can’t be reliably tracked by WCL. Flask usage has no effect on your boss DPS/HPS complete raid rankings, since both the “With Skips” and “Without Skips” categories share the same boss DPS/HPS leaderboard. Both categories will be shown on the front page and on server pages for Naxxramas, so if you want to skip trash or use unlimited petris, you can choose to compete in the “With Skips” category.

5. There will be a 5 minute penalty to your speed run time for each swap you make in a raid. This will have no effect on DPS/HPS ranks, but is put in place to make sure speed runs only use 40 characters and don’t abuse the ability to swap up to whatever limit we have set.

6. With the above time penalty in place, we’ll be raising the allowed number of raiders in a complete raid to 50 (up from 46).

7. With the rules around rebuffing in place, the timeout for complete raids will be raised to 2 hours (up from 1 hour).

Naxxramas Trash Requirements

Abomination Wing: 10 Patchwork Golems, 20 Embalming Slimes, 11 Bile Retchers or Sludge Belchers, 5 Living Monstrosities
Spider Wing: 90 Infectious Skitterers, 2 Venom Stalkers, 1 Crypt Reaver, 4 Necro Stalkers, 2 Tomb Horrors
Military Wing: 14 Deathknights, 12 Deathknight Captains, 9 Deathknight Cavaliers, 4 Skeletal Smiths, 2 Shades of Naxxramas, 6 Necro Knights, 8 Weapons total (any combination of Unholy Axe/Unholy Staff/Unholy Sword)
Plague Wing: 8 Stoneskin Gargoyles, 4 Plague Slimes
Outer Ring: 4 Plagued Gargoyles, 16 Plagued Ghouls, 2 Spirits of Naxxramas, 12 Necropolis Acolytes

Shariva has made a helpful spreadsheet that will examine your log and validate it against these rules. You can check out the spreadsheet here! You can go to the Instructions tab of the spreadsheet to set it up.

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