New Snail Mounts from Zereth Mortis – Patch 9.2 Datamining

New Snail Mounts from Zereth Mortis - Patch 9.2 Datamining

Bronze Gastropod

Some gastropods of Zereth Mortis have inexplicably metallic shells. These are generally–and inexplicably–bronze, indistinct from the metal any novice mortal miner might work, save that no mortal labor could craft this living creature.


These beautiful gastropods emerge only at night. When they are pleased, their shells hum with a joyful melody.

Stabilized Gastropod

Lihuvim hastily created many of these creatures to assist it in a crisis. Though its original designs were unstable and doomed, it has since perfected the design and is willing to share it with mortals.

Unsuccessful Prototype Fleetpod

This creature was not designed by the First Ones, but instead by an unknown being attempting to create a very fast runner. Needless to say, the attempt failed.

The snail mounts also have a very cute /mountspecial animation where they retreat into their shells and roll around for a few seconds, before carefully emerging once more!

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