No Patch 8.3.5? What Could That Mean For Shadowlands? – WoW: Battle For Azeroth 8.3


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  1. think they shpuld take there time wait for December relook everything do research and do a op for wow to bounce back and not from a set genre of players but all..

  2. Remember when ppl was saying BFA was going to be great ? They were Hype and all now they say tha BFA was a failure hahaha this is the same since Cataclysm

  3. Seems like the wow fanbase has to go through this ever other expansion, not sure why it should take 2-3 patches to make an expansion good and people are ok with going through that. Watching some vids on wow makes it hard to want to come back to for me, even if i miss my shaman.

  4. making the same mistake twice, like WOD & BFA could be great expansions but they just didnt wanted to fix it or just didnt care about it anymore. they better learn something from it.

  5. "insert subject": ''abandon ship"
    "insert subject": "If that ship be sunk properly, then its Captain should be sunk with it!''

  6. People should be asking about pre-patch stuff in interviews instead. They're going to be squishing leveling so there has to be more than that and just a pre event to SL.

  7. the final patch of bfa 8.3. biggest problems are the bugs and lack of QA. The patch itself still provide much more than the final patches of cataclysm and wod, those were bare bones.

  8. i personally just want a new Class 😀 something special or a new spec :/ like Blood Mage or anything cool, fresh , new … something we already know but dont have as a class/spec xD

  9. lol complicated? whats hard to understand? be high dps af with full corrupt gear and just avoid the bad stuff tht spawns with high corruption lol

  10. I love the game (BFA was bad and i still keep playing ) , i dont care abaut 8.3.5 or what ever they doing or not ..but blizz have to work really hard for the next xpac( shadowlands) is the only thing i and many other's want.

  11. I’m hoping that we somehow get the rest of the heritage armors before shadowlands. We still need troll, orc and pandaren

  12. .Honestly as somebody who prefers PvP BFA hasnt and 8.3.5 wouldn't give me anything more than any other expansion so really I don't think I haven't lost with 8.3.5 not being a thing. I do care about content of course, thats what keeps me playing PvP but to this end I would much rather have an expansion such as Shadowlands be better than for Blizzard to try to deseperately keep the corpse that is BFA which I did not enjoy gameplay-wise or thematically. So yes in my opinion no 8.3.5 is great news, since Legion went through similar process and ended up being great, hopefully Blizzard might even take something from this, I am not too positive about that but they have walked back on prunning so I am gonna try to be positive (though as warlock main I should know better).

  13. It is entirely possible that the reason there will be no 8.3.5 is due to them putting more work into Shadowlands, which in my opinion is the right decision, simply because BfA is so full of issues that it's too much to fix and directing resources towards the new expansion would allow it to be of higher quality than BfA.

  14. Prepatch early would be bad based on previous expansions. Classes tend to be broken when they aren't at max level.

  15. The way I see it is, there are teams that work on shadow lands and teams that still work on bfa
    Now team that worked on bfa will join and work on shadow lands


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