The Shadowlands expansion will bring back a lot of old abilities, but are there any real class changes?
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    I think bringing back all of these abilities is definitely a good step in the right direction. Obviously the dev team realizes that they’ve made a few mistakes in the past and they’re trying to backtrack a little to gain some faith. We could have some very full spellbooks which is incredibly exciting, but I still think some classes need a bit more love in the form of some major class changes. Hopefully we’ll get some, but for right now all we can do is wait.

  2. it would be awesome to see single minded fury back for warriors so if you didn't want to run 2 2handers you could be viable with 2 1 handers

  3. Blizzards dumb asses ruined bfa, too. Think of it like this. At 100 you get artifact weapon(spell), they take it away, and dont give you a new tier of talents. For all intensive purposes, everyonr is just playing lv100 toons straight out of WoD.

    You dont learn spells past 100, you dont get any new talents past 100. You just get better gear. Same rotation, nothing new for 20 levels.

    If you wouldnt level a toon in classic from 1-20 with no new spells abilities, or progression, why would you do it in retail?


  4. My biggest gripe with retail WoW is that they took all these talents away and theyre giving them back like its something new.

    In the current retail – I have 120 of every class, outside of DK amd Druid. They all play the same. Theyre minor nuances between them, but it's literally so fucking watered down that it's "press X to build Y resource and then when your screen glows hit Z for free proc then unload resource Y". I Cant remember the last time any of my mana users went oom.

    class orogression should be a fucking no brainer – stop taking shit away, amd give every class 1 new spell every expansion. Congrats, easy mode.

  5. Why can't we get an absolutely new ability/spell at max level? We've been rolling with the same buttons for ages now it feels like. Give us a cool new button that changes the way we play (rotation, healing, survivability, etc.). Oh yeah, and bring back tier sets with good bonuses and good aesthetics!

  6. I used to LOVE shadow priests. I CANNOT STAND THEM SINCE LEGION. my ONLY hope for shadowlands is to un-vamp the horrid revamp of the entire spec

  7. man i'd love GW2 use of ability bar in WoW… even in BfA it's too much for me xD i just wanne sit back and smash 4/5 buttons

  8. How About they make Hunters fun to Play again i have been playing hunter sine i started i dont Even Play my hunter anymore played survival in legion it was such a fun specc the only good thing thay did to the hunter class but then they made bfa and screwed og up again


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