Nurgash Muckformed – Revendreth World Boss Available This Week

Nurgash Muckformed - Revendreth World Boss Available This Week

The four World Bosses available in Shadowlands are:

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Shadowlands World Bosses

Nurgash Legendaries

Nurgash drops the following legendary memories:

This is a good week for Unholy Death Knights, as Frenzied Monstrosity is their go-to legendary for Mythic+. You can check what legendaries are best for all their specializations on the guides below!

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Nurgash Location

Nurgash is located at the northern portion of Dominance Keep, with the closest flight path being the similarily named one in Revendreth.

Nurgash Muckformed Location
Dominance Keep Flight Path

Nurgash Encounter Journal and Loot

Formed from the sludgy mass of many dripping dredgers, and empowered with dark magics by Denathrius’s most elite sorcerers, Nurgash is not the most intelligent minion, but his fists can crush castles.

Nurgash drops ilvl 207 loot, which is right between normal and heroic Castle Nathria.


Legendary Memories


All Shadowlands World Bosses drop ilvl200 (or Rank 5) versions of the Covenant Ability Conduits. For more information on those, check our Conduit Sources guide!

Conduit Drop Locations in Shadowlands

  • Overview: Nurgash is a mighty warrior that hits hard with his fists. He can also call upon stone magics to blast an area with Earthen Blast, and will throw a Hail of Stones that hit all enemies that are far away from him, so stay close. He will grow in strength over time with Hardened Muck, and may strike very hard by the end of the battle.

    • Hardened Muck: Hardened muck increases physical damage dealt by 10% but decreases attack speed by 5%. This effect stacks.
    • Stone Fist: Hits the target very hard, dealing Physical damage.
    • Stone Stomp: Performs a mighty stomp, dealing Physical damage to all nearby enemies.
    • Earthen Blast: Blasts an area with rock shards, dealing Physical damage.
    • Hail of Stones: Throw a bunch of heavy rocks, inflicting Physical damage on far-away foes.
    • Deep Slumber: Take a quick nap, healing every 1 sec for 20 sec.

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