Obsidian Dracthyr Battlegear Ensemble and Weapon Transmogs

Obsidian Dracthyr Battlegear Ensemble and Weapon Transmogs

Check out the Obsidian Dracthyr Battlegear in the Wowhead Dressing Room!

New pieces found in this build include a mail ensemble and a range of cosmetic obsidian weapons:

While normally itemized versions of the Crimson, Emerald, Obsidian, and Sandshaped sets have already been found, and some of these new weapons match the appearance of new Dragonflight dungeon drops, the Obsidian Battlegear appears to be the first ensemble to be added to the game so far.

Dracthyr BattlegearDrakonoid Weapons

These variants are currently all mail sets, though the naming convention appears to be strictly cosmetic – while there is a group of Dracthyr called the Obsidian Warders who join the Alliance, there is no similar Azure, Crimson, Emerald, or Sandshaped wyern seen so far in Dragonflight, so it seems that they’re meant to only refer to the coloration rather than specific groups of Dracthyr.

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