One Day Ban for Advertising in Group Finder

One Day Ban for Advertising in Group Finder

As the notice was not the redditors own, which was said to have been obtained from a guildmate over discord, there’s no way of verifying complete authenticity, but there’s little reason to suggest it’s fake either. The only real questionable part would be why this player appears to have received one without our hearing about more of them, although it’s also plausible that the majority of players offering these services are part of larger farm groups who wouldn’t be posting about it on Reddit.

According to the redditor, this suspension was for offering “Gold Boosts”, that is selling services in exchange for gold, rather than the Real-Money Transactions which are typically targeted by Blizzard. In NargoEUW’s own words:

Boosting is mostly carries though m+, raids, arena games or basically anything people can’t do on thier own. Offering those boosts for gold is 100% fine, real money trading leads to permabans tho. These bans are for advertings said gold boosts through the group finder.

While there certainly doesn’t seem to be any rash of one-day suspensions going out, it would also appear to be a rather light handed approach to dealing with the increasingly rampant issue of LFG advertisement – one more for documentation’s sake than aimed at specifically curtailing the behavior, in order to build a pattern of history for chronic abusers of the system. Whatever the reason, these listings have been an issue of complaint for quite some time; as shown in another recent reddit thread, sale listings can get out of hand very quickly, to the point where they drown out legitimate groups, so any amount of cracking down on them would certainly be a good thing in the long run.

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