One-Shot New Explosives in Mythic+ – Explosive Affix Massively Nerfed in Shadowlands Pre-Patch

One-Shot New Explosives in Mythic+ - Explosive Affix Massively Nerfed in Shadowlands Pre-Patch

The Shadowlands Pre-Patch has brought some changes to the Explosive Affix in Mythic+, making Explosive health no longer scale with key level. That’s not all, as the health pool of Explosive has been massively reduced, allowing basically any instance of damage to one shot the Explosive!

This next week’s Mythic+ affixes on live servers should include Explosive, so you can test out the new Explosive after the Weekly Reset!

Explosive Changes in the Shadowlands Pre-Patch

Explosive received quite a few changes in the Shadowlands Pre-Patch, as noted in the 9.0.1 Patch Notes.

The biggest change for most players will be the Explosive Orb health reduction and the fact that its health will no longer scale with Key level. If you’ve done a high Mythic+ key with Explosive, you know that as the key level increases, you start needing to put more and more into Explosives making them more and more of a priority and more of a DPS loss. On top of that, many casters, especially DoT classes, had issues putting out the burst damage required on the Explosives leading it to be by a job mostly accomplished by melee specs.

In addition, since Explosive can spawn on boss adds, there has been and will continue to be boss fights where the difficulty of Explosive becomes much more difficult due to Explosives spawning from adds. Some examples from Battle for Azeroth include:

With the changes in the Shadowlands Pre-Patch, the Explosive affix will become much easier as the health of Explosive has been massively reduced. You really only need to brief look at them funny and they’ll die with current tuning.

Current Health of Explosive in the Shadowlands Pre-Patch

From our testing, current health of Explosive in the Shadowlands Pre-Patch at level 50 is 97 at any key level. Yes, a low low ninety-seven, no matter what the key level is.

If you’re relatively well geared in the Pre-Patch, you can pretty much use any ability (including Auto Attacks) any they should one-shot the Explosive. If it doesn’t one shot the Explosive, it’ll likely two shot the Explosive. It’s really really hard to think of an ability that doesn’t one-shot that Explosive.

Due to the massively reduced health pool, any class with a spammable instant cast spell will be able to handle Explosive well. Even casters who haven’t faired as well in the past can now help significantly with Explosive!

  • Druid: Moonfire
  • Frost Mage: Ice Lance
  • Priest: Shadow Word: Pain
  • Shaman: Frost Shock
  • Warlock: Single tick of Corruption (Gets Instant damage in Shadowlands)
  • Most melee abilities that can be used at a range such as Throw Glaive or Heroic Throw will also one shot Explosive.
  • Melee specs can pretty much use any ability on the Explosive, even a single auto attack from most classes will kill an Explosive!

You won’t be using multiple globals into the same Explosive anymore and the Explosive affix is now way more of a team effort as everyone is able to contribute! Whether it’s a boss with adds that make Explosive spawn at range, or a large number of Explosive spawn in melee, everyone will have abilities that can help cull the number of Explosives whether it’s at range or in melee.

Conclusion and Thoughts

This change to Explosives is awesome! Each Explosive will only need one global from any player and the lowered health pool allows the use of low damage spammable abilities. Before, many casters knew how dangerous it was to let an Explosive detonate, but hard casting on an Explosive and then it dying mid cast also felt bad. Now you’ll feel less bad as you only need to use an instant cast ability.

Explosive is now something that you’ll have to deal with as a group, and it will no longer feel like you’re playing whack-a-mole with Explosive and doing the dungeon as a side effect. Now you’ll be doing a dungeon with some extra priority mobs that you’ll need to target occasionally.

Lastly, Explosive is no longer only a melee-oriented job and the responsibility will be on everyone to deal with as everyone has tools to contribute. The punishment for failing an Explosive is still 40% of your maximum health from Explosion and can still be line-of-sighted or out ranged (60 yards). However, Explosive will become less of a burden and hopefully a less hated affix with this change with how much their health was reduced.

What do you think of this Explosive change? Let us know in the comments below.

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