Opera Encounter Tips and Tricks – Lower Karazhan Mythic+

Opera Encounter Tips and Tricks - Lower Karazhan Mythic+

Opera Events and Rotation

There are 3 events that can be encountered during this Season of Mythic+ and all of them rotate weekly. Now keep in mind that every region has a different order, but regardless of it, all the regions will experience each event:

  • Opera Hall: Wikket
  • Opera Hall: Westfall Story
  • Opera Hall: Beautiful Beast

Opera Hall: Westfall Story

Let’s begin with the hardest event – Westfall Story. Here there are several important abilities to watch out, depending on the phase you are. There are 3 total phases you must go through in order to defeat the boss:

  • During Phase 1 you will fight Toe Knee and his 3 guards – Gang Ruffian. Your main goal as a team is to kill the 3 Gang Ruffian as quick as possible, as they will attack (deal initial damage) and leave a nasty DoT to a random party members – Poisonous Shank. Keep in mind you can also use any party utilities to help yourself during the fight like slows (Earthbind Totem as an example), stuns (Shockwave as an example), immobilize effects (Binding Shot as an example) and other effects (Ring of Peace as an example).
  • It is important to note that Toe Knee will periodically cast Dashing Flame Gale to members of your party leaving Flame Gale behind. Here is the trick, move as soon as he is done casting Dashing Flame Gale to avoid the damage from the Tornado. This specifically hurts on the higher end keys as it becomes lethal. As always, melee players must watch out for Burning Leg Sweep and run away before the cast goes through. Once the Toe Knee goes to 50%, Phase 1 is over (even if Gang Ruffian are alive).
  • At the start of Phase 2, your main goal is to kill Shoreline Tidespeaker as fast as possible while doing your best to interrupt as many Bubble Blast as you can. Keep in mind that, you can also use disruption abilities (stuns, knockbacks, etc.) and even if the casts go through, you side-step them (watch the video below).
  • Now, you also want to pay attention to Mrrgria, especially the Wash Away which becomes lethal on the higher end keys. The best strategy to side-step the incoming waves is to position yourself somewhere in the middle where you have enough reaction time to avoid being hit by them.
  • At last, periodically Mrrgria will cast Thunder Ritual on all the party members. This is unavoidable damage (immunities work if needed), so here will be a good opportunity for you to use your personal-defensive. Be spread enough so neither of the circles clip any party members and you will be fine. After Mrrgria reaches 50% (even if Shoreline Tidespeaker are alive, hence why you want to finish them first), the final Phase begins.
  • Phase 3 is going to be the “burn” phase. Here is when you usually want to keep your Bloodlust (or a similar effect) for. You have both Toe Knee and Mrrgria with all of their spells. However, neither of their representative adds will spawn. Even tho it might sound easy, this part is one of the hardest during the whole encounter as it becomes extremely messy to play it (watch the video below).
  • A common strategy however is to kill Toe Knee since he is far more dangerous, spawning Flame Gale on top of each player after each dash, which can become overwhelming to dodge while paying attention to the Wash Away.
  • Once you kill one of the bosses, the fight becomes a lot easier, hence why this is called the “burn” phase (see the whole Phase down in the video).

Opera Hall: Beautiful Beast

This is one of the most challenging bosses across all dungeons this Season. The hard part is due to lack of communication (voice comms) or pre-set assignments what each player should do or focus on. As there are several orders of defeating the boss, today I will show you what have worked for me in all of my keys with no issues:

  • During Phase 1 you will have 3 adds to deal with – Luminore,Mrs. Cauldrons and Babblet. Keep in mind that, whatever order you decide to kill them, as soon as one dies the rest will get fully healed and receive a stackable buff – Eminence.
  • I always focus Luminore first because I believe it creates the most pressure. The most important ability that you should always pre-assign a specific member of your party to interrupt is Heat Wave. At last, Burning Blaze is a ground fire that can be side-stepped, hence why it will always be in the lowest priority to interrupt. So what do we exactly interrupt then?
  • You will always focus on kicking as many Soup Spray as possible (coming from Mrs. Cauldrons), and you can ignore interrupting Leftovers (melees just run away from melee). Keep in mind if you get the Drenched debuff from Soup Spray, you can walk over any remaining Burning Blaze as possible. Just never kite the Babblet across the Burning Blaze because it will gain the Sultry Heat magic buff (which can be dispelled) and will reach you quite fast.
  • After you have defeated Luminore, you want to focus on killing Babblet, while being careful of how you kite it, as well as, keeping the interrupt order. Since now Luminore is dead, you will have one extra kick (previously assigned for Heat Wave) to interrupt Soup Spray and make it easier on you.
  • At last, you will finish by killing Mrs. Cauldrons while keeping some major offensive cooldowns for when Phase 2 will begin.
  • To summarize, neutralizing one caster first is crucial to prevent dying from lack of interrupts in the party. If you kill Babblet as the opposite of Luminore, you will have an extreme amount of Burning Blaze on the ground, which will make kiting Mrs. Cauldrons much harder. And if you decide to kill Mrs. Cauldrons first, you will be left with 2 casters enhanced by Eminence, which will make it tough on your healer to heal, hence why the order that I have described I consider the best for uncoordinated groups, as well as, pre-made groups.

You can find a show-case of Phase 1 down below (even tho it is a different order, you can pay attention to how the boss is played visually).

  • Phase 2 begins shortly after you have defeated the 3 adds, as Coggleston is now available to be attacked (immune to be DPS-ed during Phase 1 due to = Spectral Service). This is the ‘burn’ phase of the fight simply racing against the time, you as a team must focus all Silver Forks spawns as soon as you can.
  • They leave a nasty DoT – Bloody Jab on any random party member, which hits quite hard if you don’t have any sort of personal-defensive to use.
  • In addition to this, they will hurt your tank once you combine the Dent Armor coming from Coggleston, so the best strategy is to kill them as fast as possible. Keep in mind you can use stuns, slows and any other effects on them in case of a high-pressure situations.
  • At last, interrupt Dinner Bell! at all times while make sure you avoid staying in Flashing Forks ground puddles.

Opera Hall: Wikket Event

This is the easiest event out of the 3, however there are several key details you should not neglect if you want to make it alive.

  • Let’s begin by saying there are no phases here (giant Phase 1), throughout the whole fight you will fight Elfyra and Galindre. It is important to note that they share health – Wikket Bond. It is extremely important to interrupt as many Dreary Bolt and Flashy Bolt as you can, to reduce the incoming damage to your party members.
  • Apart from that, periodically you will get spawn of Summon Assistants, they (Winged Assistant) will cast Throw “Stuff” on a random party members (yes they can hit one target multiple times) and the cast is non-interrupt but can be disturbed by a stun and knock back effects. Therefore, it is crucial to interrupt the casts coming up from boss to prevent over-laps from unavoidable damage dealt to you, which can cause a sudden death.
  • Now you need to watch out for when Galindre is casting Magic Magnificent, this ability will probably be lethal to you (depending on the key difficulty) if you do not take Defy Gravity prior to the impact of the spell (or you can use an immunity like Hunter’s Aspect of the Turtle etc.). One small detail to note that, throughout the fight Elfyra will spawn the Defy Gravity on the ground, which you should avoid taking until the Magic Magnificent cast. Here is a good moment to use personal-defensive before going up, because you can never know if you are going to get random hit from Throw “Stuff” while you are in the air.
  • At last, focusing on the Winged Assistant will be the main goal, as you can stack them all together and nuke them down quickly, you will get overwhelmed by adds if they don’t until the next wave spawns, hence why it will be a focus. This will continue until the boss dies.

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