Oranomonos the Everbranching – Ardenweald World Boss Available This Week

Oranomonos the Everbranching - Ardenweald World Boss Available This Week

The four World Bosses available in Shadowlands are:

For more information on Shadowlands World Bosses, check our World Boss Guide!

Shadowlands World Bosses

Oranomonos Legendaries

Oranomonos drops the following legendary memories:

This is an excellent week for Fire Mages, as Fevered Incantation is their go-to legendary in most situations. For Marksmanship Hunters, Surging Shots can become a really strong AOE legendary, given the right setup. You can check what legendaries are best for all their specializations on the guides below!

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Oranomonos Location

Oranomonos is located by the back of Tirna Scithe, with the closest flight path being Root-Home.

Oranomonos the Everbranching Location
Root-Home Flight Path

Oranomonos Encounter Journal and Loot

Once the eldest guardian of Tirna Scithe, Oranomonos has wilted alongside the great tree. With very little anima left, she can no longer discern friend from foe, as the gorm gorge themselves on her decaying form.

Oranomonos drops ilvl 207 loot, which is right between normal and heroic Castle Nathria.


Legendary Memories


All Shadowlands World Bosses drop ilvl200 (or Rank 5) versions of the Covenant Ability Conduits. For more information on those, check our Conduit Sources guide!

Conduit Drop Locations in Shadowlands

  • Overview: Oranomonos is dying, but still contains great power, which she will use against you. Stay away when she calls her Seeds of Sorrow and avoid the moving Withered Winds. When she sings her Dirge of the Fallen Sanctum, use defensive cooldowns and group up to conserve healing power.

    • Withered Winds: High winds deal Nature damage every 1 sec. and reduce chance to Hit by 30%.
    • Implant: Implant roots in the target, dealing Nature damage instantly and additional Nature damage every 1 sec. This effect stacks.
    • Regrowth: Heals the caster instantly, and provides additional healing every 3 sec for 1 min.
    • Rapid Growth: Subjects the enemy to rapid root growth, rooting them in place and dealing Nature damage every 1 sec. for 30 sec.
    • Seeds of Sorrow: Drop a rain of seeds, dealing heavy Nature damage to all nearby enemies.

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