Patch 8.3 CLASS CHANGES – Huge NERFS Are Coming | WoW BfA


We’ll see quite a few class changes in Patch 8.3, including some major nerfs to Glimmer Paladin and Shadow Priest.
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  1. So what this mean for us who casually play and dont really raid or pvp ? i am bit concerned how we catch up with content but this is just my personal opinion

  2. i need to understand something: before the patch my between in the eyes CRITICAL damage was 150-160k, and now it is 115-120… this is a fucking nerf that they dont say nothing ? Can someone explain ? ps: same gear

  3. Blizzard just hates shadow priests lol I’m convinced. Frost mages blow up the charts all the time specially against shadow yet they get a buff? Make that make sense

  4. Soooooo aff lock gets a nerf.. great now there is no reason to play a warlock at all anymore especially as my favorite spec because you know they already have no aoe lets just burn em to the ground….

  5. So strong single target healers are getting an AoE nerf. I remember during WotLK, and before Cata, we were asking for ONE AoE heal. Well, we got a mixed bag that competes with AoE healers. So we now have this going back and forth with single target or AoE heal nerfs, all done to make people feel powerful, not that their class is powerful for a niche. As much as people claim to have hated WotLK healing, the model then was superb: each healing class excelled at their class main strengths, giving the feeling you're wanted because your class abilities couldn't be matched by another class (i.e., Discipline priests on the LK fight; Holy Paladins as tank healers; Druids as the main AoE healer). Healers KNOW which class is a single target or AoE healer from the onset, and it's the reason they play as a MAIN that class, they ENJOY it.

    I like Holy Paladins being tank healers, it just feels like a metal on metal style healing. Were as with AoE healers would feel similar for the same as their Main. Not just get anyone with gear in there botting their way through. There's little enjoyment being seen just as a vehicle to get loot. Player class and choices means something to those having a MAIN (not "mains" ONE primary class they prefer to play). I used to play Holy Paladin all the time, questing and all, these days I simply play tank, as that's the OLD paladin feel with self-healing. Not this bot-a-thon of WeakAuras essentially playing the game with even more complex macros.

  6. They haven't touched DH's. Aight imma head out. DH is literally the best cleave and strong ST in arenas, it has extreme movement, extremely good defensive and heal and mana burn. DH's has literally no cons, or if yes its extremly small. Try to deny it but the numbers are on my side. 3/4 of the arenas is dh with something. Healers barely need to heal the dhs because of it's leechs dodges and defensives.

  7. Discipline priest needs more base healing, because healing thru atonement right now is shit, there is no way in hell to top up anyone properly, not just a single target that's not the tank. Having to regen mana between pulls sucks, specially if its after each pull.

  8. Everytime I get SUPER frustrated with the downright incompetence of the DEV team regarding class balancing, I remember that a shitty company named Riot Games exists and their SOLE noteworthy creation is a knock off game that has is more unbalanced than the equity in Venezuela….feel better already.

  9. been out of wow for 2 expansion and still looks like the game isnt fun again. Just make it like BC/Lich king when the game was at it best.

  10. you think they will buff and nerf for mythic + considering that's the only pve content you really got when you get geared, all you see is druid healers and its been like that from day one

  11. The irony with the glimmer nerf, is that asking the mythic hpal in my guild, you balance around 8 glimmer right now already, so it's not really changing anything lol

  12. Love your video's Kelani also would love to see guardian druids get some love ! Were always the most neglected Tank spec.

  13. Blech on the disc nerf. Disc isn't playable at lower levels. Sometimes balancing the top needs to be done carefully at the bottom.

  14. I Haven't tried it but the Glimmer playstyle seems to be exactly how the Paladin should have played from the start: A melee support with heals. Up close and personal not standing back casting like a mage or a warlock.

  15. Ok and what about the thirsting blade trait for DH? Most stupid shit ever.. Got crit of 284k dmg in arena from it… Literally 1 shot.

  16. Trying retail out after coming back after 5 years or so away for classic and 2 out 3 class/specs nerfed that I decided to try out in retail after having no idea if they are strong. 3/3 and its back to classic.

  17. If they’d just go back to vanilla style talents and base stats that level with experience they wouldn’t have to keep doing these nerfs. Of course then most of their customers would have to rely on skill and that won’t happen


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