Patch 9.0.5 Latest Changes to Classes in Patch Notes – Reprisal Nerf

Patch 9.0.5 Latest Changes to Classes in Patch Notes - Reprisal Nerf

9.0.5 Patch Notes


This Havoc Demon Hunter change is still a buff to the Legendary from live servers, but it was previously at 100% damage on the PTR.

  • Burning Wound damage over time damage increased 100% and Immolation Aura damage increased by 100%65% (Live 50%).


At one point there was a druid change here. Blizzard moved this change to the PvP section after the Patch Notes went live. As such this change has been removed from this article.


This Marksmanship Hunter Legendary change was datamined on the PTR but has now been added onto the Patch Notes.

  • Eagletalon’s True Focus now also increases the duration of Trueshot by 3 seconds and reduces all Focus costs by 25% (was 50%).


This Covenant change for Priests was datamined on the PTR but has now also been added onto the Patch Notes.

  • Fae Guardians (Night Fae) Guardian Faerie now grants 20% damage reduction (was 10%), and Wrathful Faerie will now automatically be sent to the closest enemy target if Fae Guardians is used while an ally is targeted.


This Covenant change for Rogues was announced, but hasn’t shown up on the PTR yet, but it has also been added to the Patch Notes.

  • Serrated Bone Spike (Necrolord) initial damage increased by 300% and now grants 1 combo point plus 1 per active bone spike after it strikes the target.
  • Serrated Bone Spike (Necrolord) is now removed when the target leaves combat and no longer refunds a charge and gets removed when the target is healed to full.


The Aura buff and Thunder Clap buff for Protection Warriors was datamined yesterday, however the Reprisal change is brand new. This was a potent Legendary that has many Protection Warriors excited, but it just got nerfed a little bit.

  • Damage of all abilities increased by 10%. Damage of Thunder Clap increased by an additional 10%.
  • Reprisal has been redesigned – Charge and Intervene grant you Shield Block for 64 seconds, Revenge!, and generates 20 Rage.

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