Patch 9.2.5 Gold Making – Wowhead Economy Weekly Wrap-Up 229

Patch 9.2.5 Gold Making - Wowhead Economy Weekly Wrap-Up 229

WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-Up
Hello! Welcome to the 229th edition of the WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-up!

This week sees the release of 9.2.5 and we talk about what changes may affect gold making especially with legendaries and how they level. We also take a look at many alternative methods of making gold with old content if you don’t own Shadowlands.

My name is Samadan and I’ll be your guide through the World of Gold Making!

Patch 9.2.5 Cross Faction & Legendaries

An so, with 9.2.5 just around the corner, some pretty major changes will affect gold making and that is in the form of the legendary system. Previously, in order to level up ranks to craft the next legendary, you needed to craft 15 of each current rank for a total of 45 crafts to be able to max out at Rank 4. Once at Rank 4, the crafter can then add a Vestige of the Eternal to be able to make the current maximum Rank 7 Legendaries.

Now, with 9.2.5, the player only need to craft 3 of the current rank before levelling up to the next rank! This change makes the legendary system so much more accessible to the majority of players seeking to either craft their own or collect recipes to sell on for a hopeful profit.

At this stage of the game, the big numbers from earlier are long gone, but there may be the odd profit to be had on some servers. It is however a massive quality of life change and helps the completionists among us (myself included) fill out any missing ranks more easily without wasting so many gold and resources.

Even with being much cheaper to level professions it’ll still be cheaper to buy vs leveling from scratch. Though wouldn’t be surprised if a bunch of people try to get into the market. Though right now there’s very little profit as is.

Manthieus has a video going through the changes along with some useful advice on how to look for potential profits while levelling …

I wouldn’t be suprised to see a brief spike in demand for Progenitor Essentia amongst other base materials required to craft legendaries, so perhaps there is an opportunity there to make a bit of gold flipping commodities?

Graph courtesy of The Undermine Journal

I got outta the lego game months ago, after the initial rush in 9.2. What I’ve learned is to manage my time more efficiently. Play the stock game mid patch, play the cancel/post game early patch, and enjoy the game the rest of the patch. In each patch, I’ve made over a gold cap with various things while the market is hot. As it tapers off, more competition, lower market prices, lower profits – I leave to do raid/m+. It seems the most effective use of my time. In comparison to BFA, where I stayed active in markets all expansion fighting hard competition, I’ve made about 10x more gold doing things this way.

This is not all the news for 9.2.5 coming with respect to gold making! With cross faction play also comes the ability to mail items between your own characters on the same account from different factions! This is incredible for players that want to play both factions and from a gold making perspective. Those Vulpera bank alts, Goblin best price buyers, Human Rep bonus crafters and Night Elf shadowmeld farmers can all work together and easily mail things to each other.

Making Money Without Shadowlands

What if you didn’t have the latest Shadowlands expansion? Could you still make gold? Maybe you have a second account and not fully upgraded it yet or maybe you are just starting out. u/hotyhots has put together a great list of things you can do to make money without Shadowlands.

Wrote this up for a comment, thought I’d share as a whole post. Here’s what I can think up off the top of my head. Please share your own suggestions!

If you don’t have Shadowlands, I suggest trying several of the following – the key is diversifying into different markets, as old world stuff sells more slowly. This is meant to be a jumping off point, not an exhaustive guide, so you’ll notice a lot of the suggestions involve further research on your own part.

Daily Chores:

  • Pandaria farm: this takes a few days to set up, but you can grow mats each day. There is also a rare chance for a cageable pet to spawn. You can sell the mats raw or smelt the ore into bars or transmute it into trillium/living steel, or use it to craft items to sell. Engineering has a lot of evergreen items.
  • Garrison: this also takes a little setup. You get passive resources and node spawns each day and you can use those resources to buy comms. You can sell the comms or use the profession buildings + profession cooldowns to make pets, goblin glider kits, toys, bags, transmog gear, drums or cards of omen (each one is randomly worth values from copper to thousands of gold). The menagerie unlocks daily pet battles for tokens, while the herb garden lets you gather seeds for a pet you can sell. The mines also have a potential pet drop, but you can’t upgrade past level 2 (that removes the mobs it drops from). See this post for tips on maximizing resource generation.
  • Mission tables from Legion and BfA. These still have some rewards but they are more of a background supplement versus something to focus on.
  • Crafting cooldowns and transmutes. A lot of more profitable stuff is locked behind these (eg tailoring’s imperial silk) or they create valuable items (eg living steel). Consider making several characters to have multiple cooldowns available per day.


  • Golden lotus buff: picking a golden lotus in Pandaria will give you a buff for 15 minutes that gives a chance for a loot box on a kill. When you get the buff, travel to the Lorewalkers (near your faction’s city, there’s a person who will fly you up to them if you don’t have flying) and queue for Heart of Fear LFR. Clear the entry transh, leave raid, queue again, etc, until buff runs out. This will give you lots of Pandaria mats to sell or craft with. See this post for more details.
  • Cataclysm herbs, ore, volatiles, enchanting mats. These are used in the vial of the sands mount and enchanting and are in constant lowish demand. You can use the Cataclysm potion of treasure finding to obtain extra drops while farming mobs, similar to the golden lotus buff, and the Bastion of Twilight’s entry is the best place to farm with it.


  • Mage tower, twink, farming gear. Look at which items can have a crafter’s mark applied to make them legion-level and craft ones which will benefit someone in the mage tower. Look for set bonuses and gem slots. Apply the same logic to level 20 players (xp locked twink bracket). These won’t sell super fast but they do sell and there tends not to be a ton of competition.
  • Mage tower, twink, heirloom, farming enchants/item enhancements. Heirloom ones will sell the most, but these all sell. You’ll need to do research and look at sale rates to decide which ones to make.
  • Mage tower, leveling, farming buffs. Things like drums, scrolls, certain potions and flasks, certain foods like bear tartare. You’ll have to figure out which ones sell and don’t have a lot of competition.
  • Crafting/farming transmog. You need to have a ton to see high returns, but it doesn’t hurt to add it to your mix if you find or make it easily. I suggest using a second auction alt for this so you can just skip it for a few days if you’re not in the mood to post all the listings.
  • Old glyphs. Check your unlearned tab. There are a ton of ways to learn how to make new glyphs and these sell for much higher than the ones everyone learns by default.
  • Other old crafting: lots of older stuff does still sell. Pets, mounts and toys sell the best, but there are also slow sales for things like contracts, pet name change, bags (especially the larger profession ones). Check sale rates of items. Obtaining more rare or gated recipes will give you access to more profitable items. Check your unlearned tab.
  • Shuffling and transforming mats. For example, buying a bunch of super cheap cloth, crafting something cheap like bracers, and then disenchanting to sell or use the enchant mats. Transforming might be something like creating enchanted leather or turning light leather into heavy leather. You can also buy cheap greens to disenchant. This will involve research into different material values to determine what’s currently profitable on your AH. See this post for more details about being a crafting middleman.

Quests, Exploration, Dungeons:

  • Legion archaeology quest. Gives a grey worth 5k, can do this on each character and with allied races you can start at level 10, pick Legion Chromie time, skip the intro, hearth to Dalaran and begin the quest in a few minutes. You won’t have flying, though, so the quest will be a slog on a newbie without a 2nd account to help. This quest only shows up in rotation, so it might not be up. Quest:
  • Rare recipe/item resale. Some vendors sell recipes or items which appear only rarely. You can usually resell these on the AH for some profit.
  • Rare hunting. Get an add-on like Silver Dragon and check out rares you see on your map. Killing these usually rewards you with something and sometimes those somethings are profitable to resell or useful (eg faster harvesting gloves in Pandaria).
  • BfA island expeditions. Drops transmog, pets.
  • Old dungeons/raids. This will net you mats, greens, blues, purples, soulbound items you can DE, maybe pets or mounts…. Basically just think about ways to maximize profit after doing old content, such as by turning the results into enchants or a crafted pet to sell. In general, items that are crafted sell for more but sell more slowly than the raw mats.
  • Pet battle daily quests. This takes a lot of setup to unlock, but there are pet battle quest chains for each continent. Once finished you unlock daily pet battle quests for that region. Quest completion gives you a bag of pet supplies which can include pets and tokens to buy pets.
  • Fishing. There are a few ways to make money with fishing, such as fishing up volatile fire outside Firelands. Research which fishing items can be profitable.
  • Archaeology. This one is rough, but the vial of the sands does sell for a lot. It’s just takes a LOT of work to get. Research the Lorewalkers and Klaxxi trick to make it easier. More casually, it’s a great profession to snag on an alt if you enjoy leveling casually or exploring a lot. You get extra xp as you level and you can sell keystones on the AH if you aren’t interested in leveling it up. You can also exchange fossil fragments at the Darkmoon Faire.
  • Garrison Pieces: These can be farmed from specific places in WoD. They are a fairly slow seller but they sell for a few thousand, more if you have enough to assemble a module.
  • WoD Pickpocket Daily. Look into the quest chain with Griftah. Rewards around 2k gold.

Hubs, Events:

  • Dalaran Underbelly. There’s a variety of things to do here and you can buy recipes, pets, etc with the currency as well as elixir of tongues to resell.
  • Darkmoon Faire. Tons of stuff to buy/earn and resell, most notably pets and transmog. Make sure to get inky black potion from the cannibal witch in the woods. Doing special events like Moonfang, the heavy metal show and the rabbit can get you more expensive things to sell.
  • Old Patch Hubs. Pretty much every one of these is deserted but has pets, recipes, toys, etc. It’s quick to blast through the dailies and gradually accumulate currency to buy things to resell. Examples: Argent Tournament, Molten Front
  • Holidays. Every holiday creates a new temporary market for whatever people need for the event, as well as a way to earn items to resell like mounts or pets.
  • Timewalking. Use Timewalking tokens to buy pets/toys to resell, increase rep (for factions you need access to for buying/selling their items) or buy mats to craft with or resell.


  • AH Flipping. This one takes lots of research and can be risky, but also profitable.
  • Pet Arbitrage. This involves selling pets across multiple servers. See this post for more details.
  • Camping. This is when you park an alt somewhere useful, such as where Poseidus spawns, the clickable nest for leaping hatchling or a vendor who sells something rare.

This is a fantastic list with lots of suggestions for ways to expand your gold empire and goes to show there are still plenty of ways to make gold in older expansions alone!

How to Get Started with Gold Making

The Lazy Goldmaker has put together a crash course video in using TSM to get started with crafting professions and how to decide what to craft…

It’s a great insight in how to think like a gold maker, try things out and learn from what sells and grow from there.

Further Reading

Most of this information was discussed and originally posted on the /r/woweconomy subreddit or in the accompanying Discord Server.

I hope you found this useful and If you have any suggestions or feedback, please do say so in the comments below..

Until next time, Happy Goldmaking!


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