People Are Making A FORTUNE On These "unobtainable" Items | Shadowlands Goldmaking


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  1. Hi my English is not the best

    IM and rare co lektor I have one ho has the same look as privaeers cape but an Otter namne the namne on it ill. have is Abyssal Shourd

    il often run old instanse and raid il gut the Staff of Jordan for a mounth aggo Frome uldaman.

    il have Death's Head Vestment to

  2. Hey man, great video. I am sitting on a Thug Shirt and a faded photograph. No one is selling the faded photograph but the Thug Shirt is up for 1million on the auction house. Any tips/what to do with the Faded Photograph?

  3. Been farming the two rare murlocs, this one and Slark. Haven't got the cape or the chest piece yet. About 20 kills each so far.

  4. hello ppl im new in goldfarm and i see some videos that you dont loot…. why??? how you take that loot after? 😅😅

  5. I’m new to wow , now this is rare for cosmetic only or it’s good gear to farm , Made the jump from elder scrolls online n wow it’s so weird with there gear in general

  6. Thank You Studen for another informative farming video. I'm glad that more people, me included, are getting some tips on how to make some gold. However, to everyone who will add those rares to their routines, if You manage to get the desired item, please do not post it for 25-50%% of the current price. It will eventually sell and undercutting by such high percentage doesn't make it any better for all of us. Cheers

  7. All your gold making guides are trash as I can tell ^^
    Have self respect and don't post "time wasting" guides so people won't fell for this..

  8. I love these vids, and I've been killing them all lately. The three in Wetlands, Slark, Mother Fang, and the guy in Swamp of Sorrows. Nothing great dropping yet but it's something I can do while working 🙂 Thanks Studen!

  9. I've gone and killed quite a few of these rares you've posted and farmed them a bit and still haven't gotten anything from them worth a damn.


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