Planned Mistweaver Hotfix for Rising Mist Builds Paused

Planned Mistweaver Hotfix for Rising Mist Builds Paused


We’ve seen the emergence of a Mistweaver build that does a great amount of healing using Rising Mist, and we’re working on a hotfix to address it.

When we buffed Rising Mist with the intention of making melee Mistweaver a viable playstyle, players discovered that stacking extreme amounts of haste and cooldown reduction can reach a breaking point of infinite duration on your heal-over-time effects. Even though it’s exciting to see people discover new builds and interactions, the sheer power level in this case is likely to have a negative effect on the healing game for the remainder of Battle for Azeroth.

This change is intended to prevent the infinite extension, while allowing Rising Mist to still enable an effective melee playstyle.

Edited – April 20 12:30 p.m. PDT

We’re iterating on this change at this time, and holding off making the change previously listed here until we’ve tested other possible solutions.

Thank you!

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