Player Crochets Their Entire Raid Team Plus Accessories and Boss – Community Spotlight

Player Crochets Their Entire Raid Team Plus Accessories and Boss - Community Spotlight

This all started as a slightly crazy project from a joke with my guildmates to keep myself occupied through some hospital treatment and turned into a 4.5 month endeavour to finish it all off. Kudos to “Iloveyouweed” on reddit for suggesting the boss idea I finally went with for them all to battle. I’m now a lot healthier than when I started and have a small mountain of crochet I need to post out to all my guildmates.

Twisted yarns battling the Reliquary of Souls.

The full group shot, there are 26 here due to light/dark side versions of the shadow priest.

The healing team: 3 priests (incl cameo from light side version of our shadow priest), holy pally, resto druid and resto shaman.

The tanking team: druid, prot pally and prot warrior.

There was definitely a progression in what I could manage since I had only been crocheting a month when I started this project. Originally planned to crochet people in what they were wearing but then turns out no one likes what their BiS looks like so opened it up to anything from Classic/TBC with one of our warlocks opting for a WotLK set.

I held off on some of the sets I really wanted to do justice to like the warlock, hunter and shaman T6 so those happened near the end when I’d managed to learn a lot from my early ones.

Safe to say I’ve spent hours staring at the wowhead model viewer whilst working on the details.

The physical dps: two hunters+ pets, enh shaman, ret pally, arms warrior, combat rogue and feral druid.

Our warlocks with their beloved elemental shaman and boomkin.

The mages + shadow priest with polymorphed targets and refreshment table.

The random assortment of weapons + shields made along the way

The detail here is amazing:

  • The priest has both a normal and shadowform version
  • The shaman has totems
  • Cookie jar!
  • The mages have individual sheeps and a refreshment table
  • OMG you guys, tiny Warglaives of Azzinoth

There’s been a long debate over what boss I should crochet for the group to fight. In the end we went with Reddit’s suggestion and settled on the reliquary of souls. Despite every effort the Essence of Desire looks thoroughly fed up.

For more images, including ones of each of the faces of the Reliquary of Souls, check out IllustriousBarber246’s Instagram: jinxsicrochet

I really hope that Twisted Yarns is their guild name!

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