Player Levels to 60 Only Killing Boars in Classic WoW, Inspired by South Park

Player Levels to 60 Only Killing Boars in Classic WoW, Inspired by South Park

This project is a tribute to the South Park episode “Make Love, Not Warcraft.” In this episode, there is a plan to level up solely by killing boars in Elwynn Forest. This “challenge” was already completed in Retail WoW after the leveling changes of Patch 7.3.5, but this is the first time that someone does it on Classic!

After the defeat, the boys decide to ditch the game and play outside. All except for Cartman, who comes up with a daring plan: Re-enter the game, hide in the woods, and boost their power levels by killing millions of boars. 65,340,285 boars, to be exact. Once they all become powerful enough, they can challenge their nemesis again.

Although we do not have a real-time estimate as to when this challenge started, as Dr Five uploaded his entire leveling playlist a couple days ago, we do know it took him a total of 9 days and 18 hours of in-game time to reach level 60! Unlike the South Park version of the challenge, Dr Five did not go through Elwynn Forest, using the boars in the dwarven starting zone, Dun Morogh, as his first way to level up. After going through Dun Morogh, Dr Five kills boars in many different zones in Classic such as Redridge Mountains, The Barrens, Razorfen Downs, Blasted Lands, and finally finishing the challenge in Eastern Plaguelands. Over 10 thousand boars were sacrificed in this endeavor.

Below you can watch the YouTube video highlighting Dr Five hitting 60 (the actual level up happens at 1:50 in the video), as well as a clip of the original South Park episode which inspired it all! You can also watch the entire boar challenge playlist, which consists of over 50 videos, over at Dr Five’s YouTube channel.

(Warning: High Volume and Explicit Language)

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