Players March on Blizzard Offices After Being Banned for Farming Too Much Linen

Players March on Blizzard Offices After Being Banned for Farming Too Much Linen

Update: The players have confirmed via Reddit that they were unbanned.

We got unbanned ! Finaly 😀 thanks to everyone for the support and all kind messages we really appreciate and wouldn’t be able to keep fighting without you all !!!!!

You spread the word like crazy and it really helped !!!!!

LOVE U 3000

As reported on Reddit, and covered by French gaming site Judgehype, several members on the Amnennar-EU server received six month suspensions after spending an inordinate amount of time farming linen in Westfall, citing using of third party software. The players maintain their innocence, it was further stated that they were reported by other players for botting, with a second appeal reaffirming their decision. The players now await a third appeal, in which they’re attempting to use GDPR requested information to show they were active at the keyboard, discussing in group and raid chat to prove they were not botting.

GM responses stating the players were found to be using third party programs, reported by other players for botting, and the suspension was upheld following an investigation.

While we certainly can’t say whether the players were actually botting, if the GMs were mistaken, or there was other evidence of botting outside of this specific farming event which led to their ban, Blizzard has made mistakes before and it is possible to have suspensions lifted. That said, frustrating as these situations may be, attempting to visit the game development office probably isn’t the best way to get your situation resolved!

Statue of Sarah Kerrigan outside the Versailles office in France

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