Professions Vendors Batching and more in Classic TBC – Burning Crusade Beta Testing #4


I’ll in this video show you some more vendor respawn times, batching, arcanite bar transmute, jewelcrafting, tailoring and the specializations to craft spellcloth, shadowowcloth and primal mooncloth. I will also show the price for changing specialization in classic tbc.

Beta testing videos:

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  1. I have something for you to test. I want to know if the new batching changes means that you cann't death polymorph in pvp anymore since that is what I have heard from some people.

  2. Since I dont get invited to beta like many others, can you test the cloak of shadows stuff, I mentioned in one of your last video? Like is it only 90%chance to resist spells, and some still can get through and if wands do dmg to rogues, when they have cloak up, cause in later expansions wand didnt do dmg to rogues while cloak was up!

  3. yo fakeqt not sure if u have checked this, if you get a faction mount traded to you on classic atm, will you in pre patch be able to use the mount?.
    Also if this works, lets say i wanna main my alt with no ''epic'' riding skill on classic, if i have a darnassus tiger on my fresh 60 human pala, will the pala learn epic riding when pre patch hits?.

  4. Question 1.
    Is it possible to swap blacksmithing and engineering specialisation?
    Question 2.
    So i've read that the fact that you cant stack consumeables with the same stat has been removed in tbc, due to the new guardian and battle elixir mechanic.
    Tho hunter pets shouldn't be affected by this new mechanic.
    So my question is: Is it possible to stack juju power and a scroll of strenght on your pet?

  5. Hi, could you check what exactly does the repair bot sells, and if what he sells is random or always the same items and quantity?

  6. If the Hunter macro works and if u need different attack speed versions of IT. Heard that IT isnt as potent as IT used to be but im really curious about IT.

  7. Test spawnrate of black lotus. Why are ppl still using flask Supreme power I suspect black lotus spawn went up.

  8. Could you test how Shadow word: Death works with the new batching? Can we still use it to break CC reliably?

  9. By far the best videos of the beta are coming from you right now. Relevant questions answered and stright to the point. Have you tested the dungeon cap at all? Some say its been removed and others are saying cap has moved to 50 total, nothing about the cap per hour

  10. Would be nice if you could test specializations for alchemy and blacksmith too. If you can change from lets sat elixir to transmute mastery for the same 70g, its a huge gold save.

    Edit: And black lotus! Do they drop 1-3 per herb?

  11. Can you check if the Blizzcon 2008 Big Blizzard Bear mount redemption NPC is in the game? I went to blizzcon 2008, have the code applied on retail account.

    I don't remember the NPC name though, but for Horde, I remember where he was located. He was near the pond/fishing area in back of org where the mining/BG area is. I believe you turn right as you come out form the connector tunnel to the back of org, and he's right there.

    I saw that the TCG code vendor was added in beta, but that's an NPC in bootybay. The Blizzcon Bear mount NPC was seperate for sure. Thank you

  12. does the Cloth CD appears for all 3 cloth types? Or can you shuffle trough all 3 of them and build all of them in the same day?

  13. Thanks for confirming the tailoring specialist only need to be level 60 with 350 tailoring. A lot of people are saying you need to be level 68

  14. Please test blacksmithing, the main hand / unique status of the drake hammers, and switching specialties

    Please also test switching engineering specialties

  15. Great video, mate! Very informative. I’m curious if you could look into and do a video on Engineering specializations and how they changed from Classic?

  16. Do you need to do the different cloth specialication quests everytime you change? I would assume so, but would be nice to know.

  17. Great video! One thing i'd like to see tested: Can a Draenei shaman begin the Tier .5 (Dungeon Set 2) vanilla quest chain that begins in the Ironforge thrown room at level 58? Curious if they added the shaman version of this questline to the alliance side (and vice versa for paladin/horde)

  18. Are you able to change engineering specializations like the tailoring or will you have to relevel it?

  19. Much alchemys in the video, Ty for test men, i think is good idea Craft now flask of the great power and sell in TBC, whats is your opinión?

  20. Good video. I have a query regarding the Scryer/Aldor profession patterns. Is it possible to still use the proffesion patterns from Scyers if you swap to Aldor after learning? Thanks.

  21. do you know if the quests remain the same in classic content for example the moment the draenei come out I have to get one to 60 as fast as possible so I have a bank ult filled with things for quests like all the pages of stranglethorn turtle meat jungle remedy eccetera

  22. All of the AQ enchant formula are on reputation vendors as well.
    Cloak – Subtlety, Gloves – Superior Agility, etc.


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