Pruning Is GONE! But… Shadowlands Class Changes & The Covenant System Revealed | No GCD Changes?!


Shadowlands aims to double down on class identity, but it does add new class features post level 50 via an external system – one that seems cool, but may have design problems.
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  1. Great content you have here I'm a newish sub of a few days I came back to the game about almost two weeks ago after not playing for about 10 years the last raid I did was Firelands and I must say the classes feel some empty now I play MM Hunter it's the only spec I like and you know how that can be in wow or maybe it's just me I don't ever see myself playing other specs and right now I've been relearning it but damn Kill shot and Chimera shot are gone making your rotation feels so bouring and lacking depth

  2. i have a better idea for wow…shut it down forever. focus on overwatch. wow is a boring dead game anyway, who plays it anyway? i hope they also cancel diablo 4, it´s such a waste of time, no one is going to play it. i want a new fps game from them, like a blizzard like call of duty game.

  3. I have a completely cool idea for paladin rets that'll coincide with the fabled Sanctity aura.

    lore wise: a paladin enters the horrifying nightmares of the undead, his complete arch nemesis; the shadowlands. Because of the lack of light being able to enter the shadowlands, the paladin becomes corrupt becomes the shadow knight.
    Spec/class wise: His abilities can be specced into cleanliness that maintains holy damage, or becomes corrupt and does shadow damage. Sanctity aura works based on this spec. meaning, two retribution paladins being shadow or holy knight, can coincide with shadow and holy priests working accordingly to their specs.

    i.e. sanctity aura increases holy damage and healing spells by a percent like always
    or raw damage that effects shadow priests and locks.

    idk I think that's a really cool idea. That COULD fix the bullcrap with bfa pally's. bfa pally's are just watered down legion pally's, which is pathetic to all hell. Speccing into these two trees should effect your mount too. Should go without say..

    I think a shadowlands corruption system for all class talents would be amazing, instead of this stupid covenant system if you were to ask me. This covenant system is boring.

  4. The shaman mastery totem is stupidly boring. It could be replaced by a potion or trinket, it does not classify as a unique ability at all.

  5. Will BFA essences matter in Shadowlands? I've spent zero time acquiring and leveling this system since Classic has my attention for the time being.

  6. I've got an uneasy feeling about these ideas for shadowlands. Blizzard has a bad track record with creating unnecessarily complex and arbitrarily punishing progression systems like this.

  7. I am bored of being forced to pick my talents from other "farmable" thingies like artifact, essences etc… this is ruining classes gameplay xp in bad way. So i stop my wow adventure since the vanilla. Thx blizzard, i hope you sht less in future

  8. really curious on what is happening to survival hunters, since they are going back to class identity rather then spec identity does that mean survival is going back to being ranged, also kinda sounds like it since the hunter kyrian ability says it ignores los, which wouldn't be useful for a melee class


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