Rated Arena Testing and World Bosses Coming to Burning Crusade Beta

Rated Arena Testing and World Bosses Coming to Burning Crusade Beta

Update May 4

Later this morning, we’re enabling rated Arena testing in the Burning Crusade Beta. Please leave your feedback on it in the dedicated feedback thread after you’ve tested it.We’re also enabling world bosses. Please note that once Kazzak and Doomroller are killed in the Beta, they will respawn on their natural random timers, and should not be expected to respawn at the same time later in the week.Update April 26On the Badge of Justice Beta realm, we’ve updated character templates in the latest build.Specifically, we’ve fixed some gear inconsistencies, brought template characters up to max reputations, and added things like multiple max-level pets for hunters.Please create a new test character to test with these changes.Thank you!With today’s build, which is now available, the Burning Crusade Beta now allows testing of all leveling content up to level 70. Additionally, we have enabled:

  • The Eye of the Storm battlegroun
  • Heroic dungeons
  • Arena Skirmishes

Please note that ranked/rated PvP is disabled for testing.At this time, the Burning Crusade Beta is configured to allow testing of content up to level 64. In the days to come, we will increase that cap as we become ready to test further.

  • PvP content is not available for testing at this time.

We will update this thread as we change the configuration of the test environment.

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