Ready to Dive Deep into the Shadowlands? Wow 2019


WOW- Deep Dive 2019

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  1. Love the focus on weighty player choice, that's what made Vanilla so great.

    I just wish they'd remove secondary stats. If they're trying to go back to form, they should really ditch those.

  2. The amount of people in the audience shots with their heads down and on their phones not even paying attention. I miss the old days, the first time they did a virtual ticket I got it and whenever they did audience shots all you saw where people’s excited faces staring up at the screen/speaker

  3. This has Activision written all over it with the scaling, Activision has a bad habit of ruining games and beating a dead horse. I really hope that shadowlands isn't a shit show like bfa

  4. On Torghast in this video: "This is not a timed mode..this is not thorough, acquire as much power as you can before ascending to the next floor." I really hope they keep that model of exploration, the current changes are worrying.

  5. So I dont know if this question is answered on forums somewhere, but what does "existing players" mean? I have been playing WoW since vanilla, stopped playing in legion and havnt been active since then. I have a few characters in level 110 but havnt played them since legion- am I an existing player?

  6. They still don't get it. The tower stuff is just yet another new mechanic they feel they have to add. "Anima is some magical soul stuff that pervades the Shadowlands" What does that even mean? It's nothing. There's (ironically) no soul behind it. It's just something they invented to have an excuse for 10% stamina or 10% mastery or whatever. It's absolutely soul-ess and lacks any kind of passion, and your customers can feel that Blizzard. Why do you insist on viewing us as mindless sheep?

    Players see right through this stuff. You're just trying to come up with new mechanics to keep players occupied. Players don't need new mechanics and new battle modes, warzones, towers whatever. Especially not when the systems behind them are so utterly shallow. Players need two things: A solid story arc, and loot. It's really that simple. There's a reason your subscribers have gone down while "content" has gone up. It's utterly shallow and lacks any kind of passion, and your player base knows it.

    Your "player retention" model might work on the small amount of mindless zombies you have left, but players who want a rich well thought out world with social interaction have abandoned you.

  7. These covenants what exactly do they look like? Do our toons start to look like them? And why do some leaders look like dog-faced ugly?…You can do better blizz? I sure hope the new owners do not F-up this expansion to destroy their competition like they have eaten up other games they buy-up and destroy em??? Might just not buy until the content is proven good??

  8. The tower seems cool. I myself like Rogelike games too so it's gonne be intereseting, might just hop back to wow for a bit for this 😀 EDIT: Still, release end of the year right? A long way away.. :('

  9. The tower sounds pretty cool.. just like islands did back during the bfa announcement. Hopefully they do a better job executing it otherwise this is just going to be another round of required weekly torture

  10. better get it together blizzard youve lost countless number of fans in the last few months alone and you have ruined the game so badly that the version from 15 years ago is more popular than the current one. Instead of being the shining beacon you once were to the gaming industry you became just another example of the corruption and greed. No king rules forever.

  11. I feel like I lost my Ranged Survival hunter. It broke my heart when they removed it at the end of WoD. Years maining the same spec, and it was suddenly ripped out of the game. Biggest mistake they ever made. Why would you remove a spec people enjoyed playing? If they wanted a Ranger or a Melee hunter, they should have made a different class.

    I love what they are saying though. Sounds very positive. I hope it's not just spin. Makes me want to level up another toon to experience some of the previous expansions again.

  12. One cool thing for ALTS, especially the ALTS of newer players. They lvl to 60, but they go "Hey I want to lvl another character." This time they can experience a whole new story, say TBC. Then if they want to lvl to 60 again they have the same option, to experience a whole new story say MoP or WoTLK. That makes the leveling process fresh for each new character.


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