ReadyRaider Gulch League Finals – Wowhead News

ReadyRaider Gulch League Finals - Wowhead News

When & Where to Watch

The ReadyRaider Gulch League (NA) Finals Tournament (Hosted by Travala), will be broadcast by Rokman on Twitch, at During day one of the event, each team will play at least one game, and day two will go until the event concludes with the grand finals match!

November 28, 5:00 PM PST

November 29, 12:00 PM PST

Rokman on Twitch

Participating Teams

Teams in the Warsong Gulch League have been competing for over a month, where they played matches through the ReadyRaider Match Finder, as well as the Midseason Event, which was also hosted by rokman. The top six teams based on “ReadyRating” have advanced to the Finals Tournament, and they are listed below:

1. Vampire Clan (Faerlina Alliance)

1440 ReadyRating – 7 Wins 0 Losses

2. Faerlina Horde’s Last Hope (Faerlina Horde)

1370 ReadyRating – 9 Wins 3 Losses

3. Protect The Lumber (Fairbanks Horde)

1339 ReadyRating – 8 Wins 3 Losses

4. FAX (Faerlina Allliance)

1337 ReadyRating – 8 Wins 3 Losses

5. Lost in Translation (Fairbanks Alliance)

1311ReadyRating – 8 Wins 3 Losses

6. Fun N Flirty (Fairbanks Alliance)

1294 ReadyRating – 7 Wins 5 Losses

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