Renown Mounts – Twelve Days of Mounts: Day 12

Renown Mounts - Twelve Days of Mounts: Day 12

Did you know that Shadowlands is going to be the expansion that has added the most mounts to the game? With 138 mounts already added as of 9.1.5, and at least another 40 expected for Patch 9.2.

Shadowlands Mount Guide

With so many mounts to collect, we decided to highlight some of the easiest mounts to obtain that were added with Shadowlands, for players looking to do something different during their holiday break.

Renown Mounts

For the last day of our Twelve Days of Mounts series, we have a special highlight: Renown Mounts!

Patch 9.1.5 allowed players to easily swap between all four covenants. Besides helping players to play the covenant they want whenever they want, this change also made it very easy for players to obtain cosmetics from all covenants.

If you have been a player that has mostly played one covenant since the start of Shadowlands, you have been missing on 75% of the Covenant mounts added to the game. The easiest of those are the ones unlocked by Renown levels.

There are four mounts unlocked by renown in each Covenant

Another factor that makes those mounts easy to collect is the addition of Broker Mark of Distinction in Patch 9.1.5. With this item, you can instantly get to Renown 40 in all Covenants, as long as you’ve reached 80 in your main one. With that, you can instantly unlock the mounts from Renown 23 and 39 from your other Covenants after you max one of them, plus leaving you extremely close to the Renown 45 one.

Below is a table with all the mounts available:

Leveling Renown in each covenant will also unlock many pets, toys, and transmog appearances. Learn more about them in our Covenant Rewards Guides.

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