Rextroy Achieves World First Solo of Il’gynoth Normal in Ny’alotha Raid

Rextroy Achieves World First Solo of Il'gynoth Normal in Ny'alotha Raid

To accomplish this feat, Rextroy utilized versatility stacking as well as the essences Aegis of the Deep and Conflict and Strife, as he explains more below in this video description.

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I have worked on soloing this boss for a few weeks, most of the time spent trying to gear my character. And by gearing I mean grinding versatility corruptions.

Important gear:
To solo this boss I went all out with versatility stacking. I also grinded my necklace to make Aegis of the Deep and Conflict and Strife stronger.

I weren’t too lucky with the Versatility grinding, during those 3 weeks grinding the only piece I obtained that I didn’t have before was a 801 versa proc on my shield.

Total versa increase:

I also used a mind flay corruption during p1 to be able to push into p2 before berserk.

Trajectory Analysis punchcard is REALLY important for this solo. It makes you reach 30% dodge which helps your Avenger’s Shield procs.

Important Azerite Traits are Bulwark of Light and versatility ones.

Total Versatility during encounter with procs up were about 100%.


  • The main thing making this soloable is that you are able to sidestep (or LOS) his Eye of N’zoth. I used a set with about 10% speed to be able to dodge it more reliably.
  • His berserk adds 300% more damage done to his Living Chamber. Thats why it is important you get into p2 before berserk, so you are able to stack up adds to increase your versatility, Avenger’s Shield procs, and get 50% damage reduction from Last Defender.
  • Then it is a battle of survival, and also pathing to make sure you avoid his Eye of N’zoth while not being overwhelmed by the pacifying ground. The best tactic is to keep moving as often as possible since you have to be in motion and move straight otherwise his beam will hit you.
  • With Trajectory Analysis, you should have about 30% dodge, 30% parry. This along with First Avenger talent makes you get lots of Avenger’s Shield procs. And stacking 3x Bulwark of Light makes each shield grant you a 100k+ absorb shield.
  • I was able to get up to 122k HPS at the end of the encounter.

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