Rextroy Broken Comp: Protection Warrior and Unholy Death Knight in 2v2

Rextroy Broken Comp: Protection Warrior and Unholy Death Knight in 2v2

Today, we are going to destroy the ladder with a most unusual 2v2 arena comp, Protection Warrior / Unholy Death Knight! We already pushed 2k back in the day when Shield Slam was one-shotting people, but that has been fixed.

So now we are instead going for defense, and that is leading us all the way to 2.5k MMR(!), easily obtaining the Elite achievement.

The thing that makes it so powerful, is because of the DK / Warrior synergy. Death Knight is insanely strong against magic, thanks to Anti-Magic Shell, Anti-Magic Zone, and Rune of Spellwarding, as well as having solid healing with Death Strike.

However Death Knight is weak to most physical comps, but thanks to having a Protection Warrior partner, we bring DKs lots of damage reduction, such as, a permanent 40% with Bodyguard. It feeds us with Shield Slam procs as well, which makes our DMG almost as high as our partner in certain cases. It will also break us out of any CC, thanks to damage being transferred to us. This will shut down most rogue comps, as well as hunters and mages.

We’ve got Demoralizing Shout, which is 25% dmg reduction for 8 seconds, every 30 seconds, thanks to the Morale Killer PvP talent

We’ve also got 2 charges of Shield Wall, which is given to our party members at 50% effectiveness thanks to the legendary Unbreakable Will.

Lastly, if we want even more defense, we’ve got a 15% damage reduction debuff on an enemy, with almost permanent uptime: Shield Bash.

Talents for Warriors:
As stated in the video, here is a short overview of talents!
First Row:

  • Devastator if the enemy attacks you, or if you are unsure. Otherwise Punish (20% Shield slam DMG) is really good for our teammate

Second Row:

  • I go with Double time for movement, but the best one would be Storm Bolt in most cases, a stun is handy

Third Row:

  • Booming Voice: Overall really good for dmg and rage gain (which is survival)

Fourth Row:

  • Crackling against stealthers for opener, Bounding Stride otherwise

Fifth Row:

  • Indomitable is best so we don’t die in a stun, also really solid healing, Impending Victory is interesting and could be good if you aren’t afraid to die in a stun

Sixth Row:

  • Into the Fray / Ravager are both solid choices. Into the Fray especially since DK pets will add to the buff

Seventh Row:

  • Anger management is best overall, Bolster can make for some fun burst DMG however

PvP Talents:

As for Death Knight, I don’t have space to write it all out, but Ipanic usually stays with same talents as his armory:

  • Some changes are Necrotic Aura VS Spellwarding if he wants survival or not.
  • Abomination instead of Necrotic Wounds against Rogue / Mage to find the rogue.
  • Against Rogue / Healer he usually goes abomination, Necrotic Aura, and Wounds.

I have not tried this comp in 3v3, but it could be insane with a healer since you are immune to CC and have so many defenses to give your teammates.

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