Rextroy Challenge: The Sacred Matrix Automa 3-Man DPS Challenge

Rextroy Challenge: The Sacred Matrix Automa 3-Man DPS Challenge

It’s been a while since Rextroy has done a DPS Challenge so we are certainly due. This time Rextroy pits teams of 3 of each DPS class against a Sepulcher of the First Ones mini-boss, the Sacred Matrix Automa. The players for each class all have similar iLevels and are bound by the same rules. They are then scored on how they do against this mini-boss.

Today, it is time for a brand new Challenge… Where we have every class battle the Sacred Matrix Automa, the strongest “mini-boss” of Sepulcher of the First Ones!

This was one of my all time favorite Challenges, just because of the encounter having many elements similar to a raid boss!

We have 3 different phases, which is when the boss casts Materialize Schematic. This causes additional NPCs to join the battle… The power of the NPCs summoned by this ability increases as the battle progresses.

At 90% health, the Sacred Matrix Automa will call upon a single Acquisition Automa, which can be kited, but deals average auto hit damage and knocks people back when it dies.

At 67% health, the Matrix will spawn another Acquisition, as well as a Degenerate Automa. This add deals massive damage with “Degenerate”, which is the cause of many wipes… However the add can be CCed and burst quite quickly (if players figure it out)

At 34% health, the Matrix spawns two Degenerate Automas as well as Guardian Automas. These are massive NPCs dealing heavy auto hit damage. They are also immune to CC and spawns sentries which passively attacks players.

The Sacred Matrix Automa itself, deals heavy auto hit damage, and will also do AOE damage with “Shape Reality”. This is a channel that does 10k damage every 2 seconds. You also have to keep moving to avoid orbs falling from the sky

Funny enough, the Matrix can be slowed, rooted and knocked back. But no other kind of CC works! This is quite interesting since it gives a better fighting chance for kiting classes.

Knockbacks are forbidden to be used against the boss, since it might interrupt the “Materialize Schematic” cast… And if that is interrupted it won’t be recast which breaks the challenge of the encounter completely!

The monk group tried it and destroyed the boss without too much trouble.

The teams get 1 point for every % of health the Matrix Automa loses!

Also there are many interesting choices to be made when doing this encounter, such as:

Is it worth to attack adds? If you do, you give the boss more time to cast “Shape Reality”. However dealing with adds might help you in the long run

Should you try to interrupt the boss “Shape Reality” cast by making him “phase” change during the cast? (The boss will always prioritize Materialize Schematic, so you are able to make him interrupt his own channeling)

I didn’t give any advice to the players involved. It is up to them to create their own strat and figure out which way is the best to proceed. Kilox was the one figuring out the Paladin strategy (a strategy no other class used)

Rules are:

  • No consumables
  • No Heroism effects
  • No Combat Rezz effects
  • All soulbinds are allowed, as well as any trinket
  • 260+ ilvl

As for the attempts, there was no exact amount. I let the classes keep trying until they were happy with their result or until someone had to go (or until the attempts started to reach double digits, that’s when I called it and we used the best performance)

Also BIG thank you to Trancedawf, he assisted me many times with resetting the raid lockout on Heroic!


Originally, I tested this in Normal Mode, but too many different classes were able to down it (many struggled but ultimately got a lucky attempt). 7 out of 12 classes succeeded.

I thought of making a “qualifier” round out of the normal footage, but decided to go for heroic only instead! Gathering double the amount of footage was the reason the video came out a bit slower than expected…

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